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Posted by matt walker from on July 07, 1998 at 21:55:25:

In Reply to: Re: Harrison not as Indy? Will it suceed??? posted by Stephen on July 07, 1998 at 20:21:23:

: : Harrison Ford not as Indy? I doubt it; Harrison Ford has been saying for years he would love to do another one, and we would love seeing him in another. If they replaced him with a new guy, regardless of who it is, would it suceed, can it suceed? We watched Harrison in three indy films already, This is his character. Take the Bond films, I loved all the Bonds and I didn't mind them replacing Sean Connery, but that's only because it was a franchise, and all these other characters, Dracula, the President; they're all universal characters that have been used over and over but Indiana Jones may end here, at this fourth film. So why replace Harrison when this could be his last chance. And don't even say he's not up to it. He just did Six Days Seven Nights(alright) and Air Force One was spectacular. He can do it, and he'd better, if he doesn't get to, it may be one of Lucas's-Speilberg biggest mistake. I respectively consider everyone's opinion and am open to critism, just not too bad. Thanks

: Give us a great story and quality actors and you'll see a successful
: (Indy) movie... the reference to James Bond is well noted above. As
: far as who might take over the Indy character... well, I think (and
: please don't yell too loud if you disagree) George Clooney would do
: a terrific job. Think about it: he can play an action role (I liked
: his Batman portrayal), has the range to be forceful and angry as well
: as self-deprecating and reserved, he can surely handle the male/female
: interactions with passion or playful flirtation as necessary, and has
: a rugged, handsome look well-suited for the part.

: Any reactions?

: Regards,
: Stephen
with all the new developments in computer graphics I'm sure a virtual Harrison Ford could be made and used in future Indiana Jones movies after this next one. Actualy that is kinda creepy in a way, but, oh well.

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