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Posted by Michaelson from on July 08, 1998 at 10:38:34:

In Reply to: Huh? posted by Mack on July 07, 1998 at 23:45:51:

: I've been a member of this forum for a while now and I've read pretty much every post since I joined. One thing I've noticed is how picky some of you are about precise details. For example: alot of you are buying gear and clothing that is supposed to match Indy's exactly. People are buying what is known as the Last Crusade Wested jacket because it is supposed to be the same kind he used in the film. People also are in debate over which available fedora (or "Indy hat" to some of you) looks the most like the ones he wore in the film. People have recently been trying to buy the zippo he used in LC and the exact same pocket knife he used in Raiders. This, plus other articles I have failed to mention, have FORCED me to ask this question: Why are you doing this? I mean, really. I like Indy as much as the next guy, mind you, but how hardcore a fan do you need to be to buy this crap? I mean, I may seem like a hipocrit because I own a fedora from the hat site linked on this site, and I even own a bullwhip of moderate quality (not the same he used in the movie), but that's pretty much where I end. Other people appear to be trying to deck themselves out to look exactly like him. This is the kind of obssessive behavior i would expect to see from a Trekkie but not an IndyFan. It bothers me to no end that people are trying to emulate him by dressing like him. I mean, does it HAVE to be the same kind he used in the movie? Why can't you get some other jacket or some other pocket knife and use that instead? Why do you need one at all? Let me close by quoting myself: "Attitude is more important than attire." Thank you.

: Mack

Mack, this question was asked by Northlander a while back, who was genuinely interested in a response. He was answered in detail by collectors from all over. If you scroll back through the archeives, you'll find his question and the responses in the attempt to explain the collectors interest. That is, if you are truly interested in the answers. Your followup flat statements show that you don't really care to know. I hope you feel better by letting us know just how you truly feel about this subject. I personally experienced true illumination from your outpouring. It is us who should thank you for explaining to us the error of our ways. I personally feel humbled by your words, but I have no immediate plans to change my vulgar collectors practices. It is a shame that we don't understand Indy at all, but once again, I thank you for explaining him to us. You'd think after 17 years we'd have a clue what this Indiana Jones was all about. For shame. I'll try harder, but not much . Michaelson

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