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Posted by Mack from on July 08, 1998 at 22:27:30:

In Reply to: We WILL go to the ends of the earth... posted by Dale Dassel on July 08, 1998 at 19:15:51:

: I read a letter by someone concerning the question:
: Why do us Indiana Jones fans search the globe for the EXACT
: gear used by Harrison Ford, why do we want to dress like him,
: etc. etc. Well, to answer that question, we must go to the
: core of what makes an Indy fan an Indy fan.
: It is a fact that at the very heart and soul of Indiana Jones is a world of intrigue and discovery, adventure and
: romance. It was a different world and a different time.
: The 1920's and 30's were an era of true-life adventures and
: earth-shattering discoveries. Those times are gone for good,
: but live on in movies and books.
: I think that some of us find more in common with the past than we do with the present, through fictional doors like
: Indiana Jones and Zorro. I suspect, that in this modern era,
: we would like to harken back to simpler times. Putting together
: our Indiana Jones outfits, down to meticulous perfection, is
: a way of manifesting our desire to connect with the past that
: we never had, but hold so dear in our hearts.
: True, we don't have to make them perfect, but some of us find authenticity more desirable than something slightly off.
: I, for one, am not a perfectionist. I do try to get the real gear, to make it more authentic, but have gladly substituted close-seconds for the real thing, when it is either too high priced or near impossible to obtain. (i.e. the shirt,holster, gloves, and pants.)
: Through the experiences of being an Indiana Jones fan,
: and enjoying the stories which take place in his time, I have
: come to discover many new things that I like: 30's and 40's
: music and movies, the clothing styles and mannerisms, the
: genuine quality of things and the way people cared. Everything
: was simpler back then: life, love, happiness, and the true
: pride of being an American. Those things are important to me,
: and I hold them close to my heart.
: Those things are the very reasons why people like us do
: the things we do: travel to the ends of the earth, spend large
: sums of money, pore over photographs and magazines, watch films
: of the 1930's, and talk to people who actually lived through
: those times, to learn how life was, and to try to make some
: sort of connection with the past. All of that to hopefully
: make ourselves into better people- and to live in the past
: a bit. Basically, to enrich our lives, which is something that
: doesn't often come out of our modern times. It is the life of
: adventure that we all hope to live and learn from.
: That is what Indiana Jones is all about.

: To life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,

: Dale Dassel

Hmm. Ooooo-Kayyyyy. I know of a few things that are better representatives of the era you claim to love so much. The book "The Great Gatsby" for example is probably the best authentic representation of the 20's. And, I agree, it was a good era. I myself look like a 20's mobster. But I didn't do this by buying the same coat and hat as Copone. I did this by buying the first cool looking trench coat I found. And my fedora was bought off the internet from a hat store in Louisiana. And, yes, It was ordered from the Indiana Jones section, but it was the first place i ever saw that sold fedoras. If there was a hat shop in my home town that sells fedoras that didn't even have to have anything to do with Indy's, I would have bought it in a heart beat. The point is, there are tons of stuff out there that can easily emulate Indy, but they don't have the logo on it.


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