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Posted by Dale Dassel from on July 09, 1998 at 10:33:37:

In Reply to: Missing the point posted by Indy Magnoli on July 09, 1998 at 07:56:03:

: : I know of a few things that are better representatives of the era you claim to love so much. The book "The Great Gatsby" for example is probably the best authentic representation of the 20's. And, I agree, it was a good era. I myself look like a 20's mobster. But I didn't do this by buying the same coat and hat as Copone. I did this by buying the first cool looking trench coat I found. And my fedora was bought off the internet from a hat store in Louisiana. And, yes, It was ordered from the Indiana Jones section, but it was the first place i ever saw that sold fedoras. If there was a hat shop in my home town that sells fedoras that didn't even have to have anything to do with Indy's, I would have bought it in a heart beat. The point is, there are tons of stuff out there that can easily emulate Indy, but they don't have the logo on it.

: Mack,

: I think you're missing Dale's point. He's saying that being an Indy fan and hunting down the authentic pieces of a by-gone era is one way to relive the past, not the only way. I also feel that searching for these rare pieces of film history gives us all a feeling of adventure, following clues from other fans and finding the items of our quests. In the least, I figure if these things held up to the rigors of filming they'll hold up to the rigors of real archaeology, which I do use all my equipment for (except for maybe the bullwhip and holster!). The gas mask bag, for example, is my favorite field bag to date.

: Thanks Dale for that well thought out post.

: -Indy

Well, I'm glad someone understands my feelings. Thank you very
much, Indy. Your letter couldn't have said it better. Although I
took about half an hour last night to wax eloquent with my above
letter, you broke it down and said it in it's simplest meaning.
That was EXACTLY what I was trying to say. Maybe now everyone
else will understand what part of being an Indiana Jones fan
is all about. (Although I'm sure we all do, anyway!!!) Bye!!!


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