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Posted by Durron Mitchels from spider-tm082.proxy.aol.com on July 09, 1998 at 11:52:23:

This has been puzzling me for "I-don't-know-how-long" about Indiana Jone's purpose of going after the artifact(s). I know that the artifact(s) are priceless and that they're a part of history.

But what is his TRUE purpose?

Yeah, yeah I know he wants to place that thing in a "museum" - that all he claims. Why does he want to put a "sacred" item into a museum? Is it because of its purpose?

Doesn't the dictionary define "sacred" as ". . . of or penetrating to religious objects. . . made or declaired holy. . ."

No one today goes on an adventure after "holy" or "sacred" objects! If you put it in a museum for all to see, then someone's liable to steal it, only keeping it for their own pleasure. I mean, wouldn't you go to a museum to steal the "Holy Grail" for yourself? Hell ya! I know I would! If something "holy" or "sacred" were to ge placed inside a museum, chaos and riots would break out between the Chruch and the State.


Did Indiana Jones ever found out what his morals were?

Call me "old-timer", but referring to the third sequel ("Indiana Jones and the Last Crusades") - wasn't there a moral being made? Indiana didn't see it, though. I know tht I have. I have realized that Indiana Jones had completely missed his purpose and morals of that adventure.

Yeah, he wanted to get the "Holy Grail" and place it in a museum. Once he found it, he fell in love. He totally forgot his reason of getting it. Then everyone starting dying from the "Holy Grail", instead of living. How could something that is suppose to save you, kill you? Easy - it did. It went into the inner soul, pulling out the Greed and Obsession that is inside. Greed is what killed them all, and almost killed Indiana. Greed is an obsession; something that can take over and control the mind and body. Once Elsa fell to her death (because of her own greed and obsession), Indiana became her new replacement. He too, was overtaken by greed and obsession over the "Holy Grail". He didn't care about his life that was at stake; all he cared about was that goblet. He didn't realize what had happened until his father spoken. Even afterwards, Indiana still didn't figure out that to live and love is far more important than a goblet that can save your life.

I would rather live and be with the ones that I love, than to do out risking my life on a goblet tha can save it; wouldn't you?

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