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Posted by We joked about IJ and the Lost Soldiers of Xian but... from on July 10, 1998 at 01:20:41:

In Reply to: Why Michelle Yeoh would be a terrible thing posted by Aramus on July 09, 1998 at 21:29:56:

: Face it, she doesn't have an acting talent in her body. She was only recognize for that stupid Jackie Chan movie SuperCop. I hated her in Tomorrow Never Dies (IMO Terri Hatcher should have been the one and only leading female character). She basically turned the James Bond film into another cheap Hong Kong action flick. I also have a feeling that's what they're gonna do with Indy IV. Which, IMO, isn't what Indy's about. If she's in the movie, I just know they're gonna waste 7 minutes with a shot of her doing martial arts against the bad guys (who will more than likely be Asians carrying huge machine guns). It's bad enough Asians in movies are depicted that way, but to encourage it is worst (I have a feeling Lethal Weapon 4 is gonna be the same thing).

: Hey, why couldn't they get Shorty from the Temple of Doom? That kid was hilarious. Of course he wouldn't be a kid anymore, must be in his twenties or thrities by now. Anyways, he would be perfect for the fourth installment. What do you think? --J

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: I think it's funny that a couple of weeks ago a few of us were discussing the use of China as a backdrop for IJ4. And now you get a tidbit (albeit unsubstantiated tidbit) like this... While I agree that Michelle presented a somewhat limited acting display in the Bond film, I disagree with your assessment of her overall abilities as an actress. Few Americans really know all the films she has made and she has made a lot. I've had an opportunity to see her in starring roles in the Hong Kong films and there is great depth and poise to what she can do. The fact that she can pull off her own stunts is just a bonus. The real question here is that if we were to assume for a moment that she would be cast in IJ4, what inferences can we draw about the plot? I think there's a gold mine of opportunities using the setting of the old Orient for an IJ film. With Spielberg at the helm, it probably wouldn't dive into the darker images that Temple of Doom produced. -MP

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