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Posted by Greg from on July 10, 1998 at 07:45:21:

In Reply to: Re: Shirt, Trousers, ToD Holster posted by Max on July 09, 1998 at 07:10:51:

: : : :
: : : : Forgive the redundancy if this is getting worn into the ground, but can anyone give reliable replica sources for the shirt and pants besides Angels and Burmans and Dometakis? Is there one unanimous source for each item?

: : : : Thanxs!

: : : : Andrea

: : : : P.S. How does the LC holster compare to the ToD holster? I really haven't been able to tell much difference, if any. So, presumably the Webley MKVI holster that works for LC could decently pass for ToD? However, would the Colt New Service .45 ACP he totes in ToD fit snugly in this holster? What's the sentiment on this one?

: : : : Thanx again!

: : : Actually, I was told that Western Costume Company in California made some of the pants AND shirts for the Raiders production, which, considering the number of each item they must have had made, doesn't sound inconceivable. Western Costume Company responded to me saying that they could reproduce anything I wanted, which tells me they at least have access to a pattern, whether original or not. The only problem is their exhorbitant price tag.
: : : Also, I have one of the replica Webley holsters, and it looks a bit different from the TOD holster-the flap retaining post appears to be mounted on the holster in ToD and pushes through a hole in the flap, whereas, the LC holster has the post on the flap, with a leather tab that wraps from the holster body on top of the back part of the flap (hard to describe, but I hope you see what I mean). Also, the ToD holster appears to be a bit shorter than the LC holster. I personally think that both holsters were made for the production and no "real" actually existing holsters were used. Perhaps the LC holster was copied from the original British Webley holster, but I don't think they copied it exactly.
: : : My 2 cents.

: : : Greg

: : Sorry! Strike that info about the ToD holster. I was thinking of something else-it does, in fact have the post on the flap, just like the LC, but I still think it looks a bit shorter in length.

: : Greg

: Greg is correct about the holsters. The LC and ToD model are identical.
: Both WWII flap holster, originals or copies. Maybe the ToD holster was
: modified as it didn't hold the Webley but the New Service. The Webley
: has a 6in barrel while the New Service has only a 4 1/2" barrel.
: A MKVI flap holster can be obtained from International Military
: Antiques for about $30.

: Interbational Military Antiques
: PO Box 256
: Millington, NJ 07946
: Phone: (908) 903-1200
: Item #WB2000
: $29,95, $6 Shipment

: Regarding pants and shirt: I know of no firm name or anything. I think
: there were discussions about color of shirt and pants and about the
: material used for the pants. There was a message some time ago from
: someone who spoke to an assistant of the custom designer for Raiders.
: He was told that the pants were taupe (a beige with a rose hint) and
: made of cotton - not of worsted wool. The shirt was stone color which
: seems to be a mixture of grey and kahki.

: Regards,
: -Max

Max, it was I who spoke to Deborah Nadoolman's assistant and what I got was a very shaky response that they think the pants were cotton. I don't necessarily think that the designer would know what the costume companies did. At any rate, I've heard conflicting reports that the pants were cotton, or wool in different weaves, so I'm still not convinced one way or the other. The pants appear to have the drape of a wool, but since Whipcord cotton has a similar weave to a Cavalry twill, perhaps they were Whipcord cotton as Andrea previously suggested. I don't know where that information came from. It is still a mystery to me, unless someone else has compelling proof one way or the other.


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