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Posted by 007 from on April 21, 2000 at 09:41:11:

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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was released for the NES in two different versions, first the one made by Tatio, which in my opinion was so much better than the UBI-Soft release. Tatito's came out first and featured many more levels based on the movie and it was more fun and harder than the second release. The grahpics are not the greatest, except for the top down view of Indy as you guide him through the Word of God. Here are the levels that comprise the game: The Cross of Coronado (fight on the boat), The Catacombs of Venice (puzzle of grail), Castle Brunwald (searching for Henry), The Road To Berlin (the motorcycle level), The Desert of Iskenderun (fight on the tank), The Lost Temple which features The Word of God trap, The Leap From the Lion's Head, and Choosing Wisely.
UBI-Soft's release came out second and coincided with their release of the same game for the Sega Genesis, which is identical to the NES release, same lousy graphics. Both versions match the Indy Action game made for the PC and all the competing computer systems. It was even released on the Gameboy a bit later, which still is identical to the Genesis, Nes, and PC releases of the same game. It has fewer leves, but some all most are different from the Taito release. This is the version that takes about 10 minutes to beat with the cool picture of Indy if you beat the game. The levels on the UBI-Soft release include: Exploring the Caves (looking for the cross; it's supposed to be Young Indy, but it's still Harrison here), Escaping on the Train (the fight on the train), Entering the Catacombs (looking for the grail tablets), Assault on Brunwald Castle (looking for Henry), Escape from the Airship (figt on Zeplin), The Three Trials which includes jumping over saw blades, jummping on the right letters to spell Jehova, and choosing the right grail, if you choose the wrong one, you have not seen the movie. I hope I was able to clear up the questions about the two different releases of LC. Go for the Taito version if you want to buy one!!

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