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Posted by Andrea from on July 11, 1998 at 21:48:19:

In Reply to: Re: Indy's Glasses posted by Andrea on July 08, 1998 at 10:03:35:

: Hey Guys,

: Actually, the glasses are still made by a manufacturer known as BOIC, or British Overseas Importing Company. I've owned a pair for years, but need to replace them as the tortoise shell rims are pretty darn flimsy.

: Anyhow, it's a model "3P BOIC, 14K Gold Filled Rims (actually just 14K rims) and Cable Temples with Amber Tortoise Shell Rims" covering the gold base rims. It can come in several different Tortoise Shell rim colors, but Amber seems to have worked nicely. Just ask your optometrist to present you with their master catalog of frames and check it under BOIC. And now the bad news. These frames are not cheap, probably because of the gold, and could set you back as much as $350; but here's a trick I did: I went through my insurance to knock off a big chunk of the price and I walked off with a pair for about $170--if you've got some good optical insurance go for it!

: My suggestion for ordering the size is to have the optometrist (who will probably have some styling sense) to suggest what width looks best on you since everyone has different needs. The size of this frame is measured, usually in millimeters, across the widest part of the lens (from one point on the inside of the frame to the other). If you intend to use them as a functional piece of eyewear, definetely go with a size that will look good on you, keeping in mind that the rims are a bit on the thick side so I would suggest edging a bit more on the small side. I'll need to double check on what size Ford used, but it's pretty large (it may have been 38mm).

: What you could do to check size is to try different pairs of Polo Ralph Lauren glasses, or a similar style (which is quite popular and readily available) that strike a rough resemblance to the BOIC so you can get an idea of the size. But take caution--from what I understand, the BOIC frames are not choose wisely. You'll also need your hat size in order to fit the cable temples(the part of the frame that will sit on your ears) snugly.

: Over the years, I've really sat down and spent some time checking out these glasses and comparing them to the films, and pictures, and I think it's right on the money. His glasses are consistent across Raiders, ToD, and LC; just as the shoes, shirt and pants are. As with anything else the British make, be prepared to wait some time for the frames since these guys are fond of vacations too :) . Mine took about a month to arrive and the first pair inexplicably exploded while being fitted for the lenses (sometimes the UK product is a bit fragile) but they kindly and quickly replaced this one.

: And don't hesitate to get carbon lenses, the lightest yet optically pure plastic you can get--glass isn't going to do your ears or bridge of the nose any favors; and it's up to you whether you want the non-reflective coating option either. I suppose if you wanted to make the glasses as authentic to what Indy would have worn during the late 30's you should refrain from this last cosmetic step. But I highly reccommend the carbon lenses (which by the way have a much more sophisticated name, but I just can't remember the complete terminology, but they'll know what you're talking about) since the gold can put on some weight.

: And, if you really want to wear them, be prepared to develop some impressive calluses behind your ears!

: If anyone has any other questions, feel free to ask. Hope this helps! :D

: Andrea

Here's a couple of additional details on the BOICs. The metal
(zyl) rims are filled with 14K Yellow Gold (there's an option for
"White Gold Filling" as opposed to "Yellow Gold Filling"). The
tortoise shell outer rims are NOT "amber" as I have indicated
above, but if I remember correctly, I ordered "Blond"--which mathces
very nicely [I'll double check with the original order invoince that
the optometrist has and immediately change the post if this info is
false]. The other close option for color is "Chestnut" but I
took a gamble on blond and was pleased.

Indy's exact model, the P3, is listed under the PANTO style, the bridge
is metal and the glasses come in 6 different sizes (47mm & 49mm
being the most typical--which is somewhat large).

And the lightweight optical plastic is "Bicarbonate".

Hope this helps!


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