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Posted by nitzsche from on July 12, 1998 at 17:00:29:

In Reply to: How's this for a little controversy? posted by Tim Cook on July 12, 1998 at 16:45:19:

: Here's a new idea for Indy 4. Since Raiders ventured into Jewish history with the Ark, Temple dabbled in Hinduism with India, and Crusade involved Christianity with the Grail then the fourth installment could have Indy finding the lost golden plates that Joseph Smith received from the angel Moroni in 1823 and translated into the Book of Mormon. Now wouldn't that stir up a stink within the LDS? They have so much money that they would probably pay to not have such a movie produced. What say you fellow Indy fans?

Well, as an LDS member as well as an archaeologist out of BYU, that would probably please "mormons" more than you think! But then you'd have to have Jehovah's Witnesses be the villians and THAT would stir the controversy! LOL! MacGreggor has Indy find a copy of the Book of Mormon in a hotel dresser in Utah! That's as close as he should come! No, christianity was dealt with already. Perhaps something less than world religion, like voodooism, whitchcraft, etc. Something darker along the lines of Temple, so that the audience can be instructed in an aspect of the occult (Indy's forte) would be refreshing. The Nazi's really don't HAVE to be in the film...


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