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Posted by Max from on July 13, 1998 at 11:54:24:

In Reply to: Bullwhip owners posted by raider on July 13, 1998 at 11:15:59:

: i'm considering buying a david morgan bullwhip and need some feedback.
: those of you who own one let me ask you a few questions:

: 1. did you buy it to complete the look or to actually use?
: 2. what kind of wear can you expect from moderate use and how long
: can i expect it to last until i have to buy another one or is it
: durable enough where longevity isn't a factor?
: 3. to what extent will wrapping the whip around trees/hanging from
: whip speed wear and tear?

: i've owned a whip before - a nice inexpensive rawhide whip. it wasn't one of those cheap ones without a handle. anyway, i bought it shortly after raiders and through much practice developed a skill in using it. i used it on everything and still have it today. it's frayed in some areas and torn in others. i know the david morgan whip is made of quality leather and can be expected to last at least twice as long. but, for 450 i need to know if it can be expected to have a considerable life span under moderate usage. maybe a whip faq could be helpful. thanks.

1. I bought mine for both reasons. Apart from finishing my Indy gear
collection I also thought about learning whip cracking. I guess as you
you already can do whipcracking a David Morgan bullwhip would be good
for you. It is a great whip. The kangoroo hide is lightweight and
durable. In addition to that the whip will get really soft and you can
do very precise cuts or wraps.

2. I was dumb enough to practice in the garage when the weather was
bad and so my whip got some scratches but with good care I expect the
whip to last for some time. David Morgan said on his homepage that
a high quality whip can last for many, many years with proper care.

3. Swinging on the whip won't damage the outer leather layer but break
the whole interior construction in the worst case. I didn't try to and
also won't try. It is said that a whip can hold the weight of an average
adult but I wouldn't really try as it is definitely not too healthy
for the whip.

I guess Dale, Dan or Michaelson will be able to give you some more
information. They are the real whip specialists on the forum. Just
thought I'd share my experience as I also wasn't sure if to buy a
DM whip. After endless discussions on the forum and about two month
of 'thinking about it' I finally called David Morgan and ordered my
whip - and I DON'T regret it!
You can also visit the Indy's Diggs site or David Morgan's page for
further details.


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