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Posted by Michaelson from on July 17, 1998 at 07:47:02:

In Reply to: A Standard Requirement for Indy Fans? posted by Ultraman Tiga on July 17, 1998 at 05:10:34:

: Back in 1992 it really bugged me to hear people say, "Yeah, I'm a big Indiana Jones fan", because then I would ask them, "So what do you think of the new TV show?"
: Their response was usually a wild eyed and flabbergasted, "There's an Indiana Jones TV show?"

: Since then it's been a real nit-picker for me, "What qualifies an Indiana Jones fan"? Sure, I don't believe it takes being a completist collector like me to validate any claim of fandom, but there does have to be SOME standard (notice the number of people who are obviously very casual Star Wars fans now claiming they are not Star Wars fans at all, because they pale in comparison to the nerds who eat-up all that merchandise)!

: Let's all theorize; I'll start with the basics and the rest of you can get expansive if you want. (Maybe Micah could abitrate and post the regulations on the site)

: I. Obviously, knowing the IJ movies is a good place to start, and knowing a fair amount of detail about them is usually a good sign. Another thing that has bothered me is the number of people that don't realize that TOD takes place before RAIDERS, so any true fan should know at least that much.
: Knowing details like who the major players/filmakers are is a must (after all, what else were people mostly talking about when these films came out?).

: II. The TV show lost it's profile quick, and to date is not readily available, so it's likely that someone that loves the character may not realize the show ever existed (some of the newbies to this board don't seem to realize it sometimes). So I wouldn't go too harshly on people for this one: it's up to us die-hards to spread the gospel (after all, the show is more canon than most else). Nonetheless, It would be ideal for an Indy fan to know the show and have a good idea of what it was like.

: III. Knowing the EXISTENCE of the novels is pretty much ideal, but then they haven't had half the campaign/hype/advertsing that the STAR WARS novels. On the otherhand, Indy Jones adventures do draw a seemingly more, "bookworm-crowd" (for lack of a better phrase), so maybe we should stick it to them on this one? I'd say having at least read one or two of them would be a must.

: IV. Knowing of the comic books is kind of a must. Marvel didn't advertise thiers very strongly, but the hype/word-of-mouth was pretty good, as it was the only Raiders tie-in for some time. Dark Horse advertised teh heck out of theirs, trying to cash in on the success of Predator and Alien. I wouldn't say an Indy fan has to have these comics, or read them even, but KNOWING they were out there seems pretty justifiable.

: V. The Role Playing Games? Nah. Strictly for us nerds.

: VI. The Kenner Toys? Hmmm....

: What do you think folks?


Tiga, you definately give food for thought, but not only do I agree with Micah, but want to just add these thoughts to tag with yours....All your descriptions above are Indyfans, but you have several "grades" of, for a lack of of a better term, "fandom". You may have a casual interest, you may have a specific interest in a particular factor of the Indy "industry", you may have a serious passion, you may have a VERY serious passion, and you may be a zealot. Let's face it, we're ALL here on the forum. There are questions asked on this forum that it would never occur to me to ask because the information requested is so basic to the passionate Indy fan, you feel like laughing. Then you realise either they are new to the hobby, or aren't in that particular part of the hobby, and truly don't know what that particular item is. I know of folks that are walking talking Raiders experts, and don't know ANYTHING about Young Indy Cronicles, nor could care less. There are factions of the hobby I truly have little interest in, collect them, but only because they are Indy related. There are several individuals who appear to me to know TONS about the games, and are constantly writing back and forth about factions of the games, that I don't have a clue what they are talking about, and I OWN several of the games they are speaking of. Well, after going all the way around the barn, I think if anyone has any kind of genuine interest in any part of the Indy experience, and seriously pursues that particular angle, THEY are Indyfans. Regards. Michaelson

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