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Posted by Major Paul from on July 20, 1998 at 01:46:35:

In Reply to: My trip to Kauaii posted by TSL on July 19, 1998 at 17:06:38:

: Well I went to Kauaii and the only thing Indy I saw was the mountain at the begining of Raiders. Nobody told me it was the mountain. I figured it out on my own from watching Raiders a thousand times. I took a couple pictures of the mountain so I could match it up with the movie to see if it is the mountain. My sister has the film and is being developed right now. I'll email Micah the pictures if it is the mountain. The second I got home I watched Raiders and I am 98% sure that it is the mountain.
: I took a helicopter ride but the pilot didn't know of any sites, but I did see the Jurassic Park waterfall. I also went horseback riding in a small part of the island. I saw where they filmed the Galamimma scene in Jurrasic park. I looks different. Alot of bushes have grown up where the feild was.
: COOL STORY!!!-->My horseback riding guide told me a Harrison Ford story. this takes place when Harrison was filming 6 days 7 nights. He said he was going down to pick up his son at a near by small river. His son came running up the hill saying,"Daddy! I'm teaching Indiana jones how to swing on a rope swing." The father didn't beleive him but he heard a voice coming from the small river. It was Harrison Ford calling for the guy's son to show him how to swing from the rope into the water. Harrison was filming near by and decided to take a swim in this small river. The father was in shock. Harrison asked the father if he wanted to join them swimming. Of course, the father didn't say no. The father was nervous and told me he was stumbling his words alot. He also said Harrison Ford is a REALLY NICE GUY and is SO DOWN TO EARTH. This story tells you that Harrison is in great condition for his age if he is swinging off rope swings. Sorry, but the guide had no Indy IV knowlage.

: -that's about it.

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: TSL,
Excellent story! By the way, your remarks concerning the locals not knowing the shooting locations for the Raiders picture parallel mine closely. When I visited Kauai, it was mostly to go scuba diving off the Eastern shore. But I did spend some topside time with my girlfriend looking for where they did some of the filming. Nobody really knew anything. Instead, we got referred to where they shot the waterfall sequence for the old "Fantasy Island" TV series. We hiked up the river to the base, got naked and swam up to the falls, much to the amusement of the onlookers way up on the rim. Of course this was in August when the falls weren't swollen with the rains. I believe, however, that another person on this forum posted a Kauai trip in which they actually got to see some of the Raiders' locations. -MP

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