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Posted by walker from on July 21, 1998 at 06:25:09:

Well, the 4 scripts I ordered from came in last night. I'll give you all a rundown on them in case you're interested in ordering any of them.

1) Indiana Jones and the Sons of Darkness
Micah has a link to this one already and it's generally regarded as a fake. Interestingly, the version I received from scriptshack does have a Lucasfilm coversheet and copyright notice but otherwise doesn't differ much from what you can get for free.

2) Indiana Jones IV
No other title on this one. It is by Chris Columbus. Even though they are selling it as an alternate script for Indy 4, it's pretty apparent it's meant to be Indy 3. You can read about it in George Lucas: the First 25 Years, a big hardcover book. That piece states that in 1985, Lucas commisioned a script from Columbus. The initial story was about a haunted hause (which still remains as the opening to the final script) and then switched to the search for the legendary monkey king of China and his magic peaches of immortality. This is exactly what this script is about.

The interesting thing about this script, even though its got some really lame spots, is that you can see lots of the Last Crusade being developed during this initial stage of development. Not only is the quest about immortality (i.e. the Grail), but there are scenes which end up making their way into Last Crusade. For example:
a) Indy and villain fight in boat and are threatened by thrashing propellor of larger boat.
b) Indy and villains, both in speedboats, chase each other between two huge ships that move together and blow up one of the speedboats.
c) Indy fights a hoard of Nazi's on top of a giant German tank at the climax.
d) Villain eats from the magic peach of immortality at the end and because he is not pure, ages instantly and crumbles into dust.
e) Indy is shot in the chest (rather than his father) and is brought back to life by the magic peach.

It's interesting reading just to see the genesis of the third movie.

3) Indiana Jones and the Sword of Arthur by Jeffrey Boam
This one is pretty interesting. Haven't finished reading it yet, but it takes place in 1950, with flashbacks to 1925, detailing Indy's big falling out with Abner and Marion Ravenwood. At the end of the piece, he ends up giving up the chase for artifacts and decides to concentrate on "relationships." Hmmmm...

4) Indiana Jones and the Saucer Men From Mars by Jeb Stuart
This one has to do with Area 51, a rumor that had been floating around for some time. Have not read any of this one yet. Tough reading as each page is stamped with the Lucasfilm stamp that identifies each page as being from Indy 4, draft 4. I gues that's to keep pages from sneaking off the lot. Oops.

Anyways, if any of these interest you, I got them from Be warned, the script they have listed as
Indy 4 by Chris Columbus about Atlantis is actually the one about the Monkey King. Their mistake, as I asked them to make sure before I ordered. Oh well. Maybe there is an Atlantis one out there somewhere, just not at script shack.


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