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Posted by Steve McCrary from on July 21, 1998 at 08:55:31:

In Reply to: Re: A Standard Requirement for Indy Fans? posted by Ultraman Tiga on July 18, 1998 at 04:55:36:

: : I didn't express myself very well. I wasn't proposing a caste system whereby persons outside your circle would be ridiculed for being either too obsessed or not enough. I thought a scale would be interesting to see the range of Indy fans out there. However, Michaelson's words ring true. Different aspects of Indy inspire each of us to a different degree. A scale couldn't capture the true diversity of Indy fans.

: : We share a common interest. That should be enough. "I'm more of an Indy fan than you" is the wrong attitude. We've got to stick together, so we can fend off those nasty Star Wars fans. Just kidding... (I'm a fan of Star Wars, just to a lesser degree)

: : --Micah

: I expressed myself even less then. My original post didn't eactly "create boundaries". I kinda left it open, available for adjusting - kinda like a scale! Even then, I didn't dislose any idea or thought that cuts off anyone from being a fan, but instead proposed a level, or levels of degree that make a true fan (as opposed to a casual one, such as the RAIDERS fan in the thread above). Of course, I was being purposefully silly the whole time and not totally serious - sorry if htat didn't come through, but I thought some of it was kinda funny!


Sorry everyone!! I just got a bit peeved. I'm ok now.


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