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Posted by The Real Real Nightmarish from on December 18, 1997 at 22:57:50:

In Reply to: Re: I do not work at K-Mart! posted by Nightmarish on December 18, 1997 at 22:50:16:

Clearly, the 1998 edition of the Book of Forum Guidelines provides that an imposter cannot be impostered without a prior e-mail notice to the original imposter . . . Anyway, I am a prof. at local community college teaching the History of Motion Pictures. And yes, I did briefly work at Lucasfilm in early 1996. While employed by George, I helped him co-write the treatment for Indy 4. So I will be getting co-writing credit under my pen name: Gill Philmore McGillycutty. Anyway, Indy 4 revolves around Indy's search for the lost sword of Excaliber, once possessed by the legendary King Arther of Camelot. It's quite existing. Also, I proof read the Episode 1 script and must say it is an improvement over ROTJ, but lacks the depth and coherence of Empire.

Good day,


: What a lie! Who can believe that the most notorious forum poster in the free world works at K-Mart!!! I work as the head bagger at Food Town. But it is true that I did briefly work with the grounds keepers at Skywalker Ranch and while there, I must honestly admit, I stumbled across the new Raiders script: Raiders of the Eternal Conflict. In this script, Indy faces his greatest task: finding the lost grave of Biblical Moses. It was OK, but it was copied after the same basic story structure as the first 3 films.

: And yes I have read all 6 versions of the prequel scripts. George made 6 versions to keep the real plot a secret.

: Your friend,

: NM

: : Don't be fooled by cheap imitations. Anybody who knows NM knows that I work in the garden section at K-Mart.

: : But before my new job, I was working with the late-nite clean up crew at Lucasfilm, while vacuuming George's office at midnite, I noticed a script laying on his desk. It stated: "Raiders of the Shroud of Turin" The main thrust of the plot was Indy's search for the lost burial clothes of Jesus of Nazareth. This was the best script I have read since Episode 1 of the prequels.

: : NM

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: : : Hey guys!

: : : You know, I've never been to LA LA LAND. Send me a postcard, will you? You obviously have your head in the clouds.

: : : Idiots...fools...jeez...

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