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Posted by Gary Adams from on July 21, 1998 at 19:24:03:

In Reply to: Re: Miss Short Round? Well, let's consider.... posted by Andrea on July 21, 1998 at 17:00:20:

: :
: : : : : I came across some intersting info recently in regards to Lucas' original ideas for the character of Short Round in ToD. Originally Lucas wanted the character to be an aprox. 10 year old girl.

: : : : : Spielberg, Frank Marshall (producer), and the screenwriters Gloria Katz and Willard Huyck objected to the idea arguing that the situations in the picture were just a bit too rough for a young girl.

: : : : : I love Short Round as it wound up being, (look carefully and see who really saves Indy's bacon in ToD); but I think it would have been fascinating to see a strong young girl playing against Willie's shrill wimpfest. It would defenitely fit in with Lucas' tradition of strong female characters.

: : : : : Was George right in compromising?

: : : : Now, let's not try to go do comparisons between 1980's decision based on 1990's beliefs. If you'll remember, T of D also set the standard of a lot of movie ratings. The PG 13 rating came about specifically because of the release of this movie. Young ladies were considered strong, but not in 90's terminology. If you watch any 1980's TV shows, you'll be hard pressed to find any strong young female characters in important parts on any shows, not like you find channel after channel today. You have to put yourself in the mindset of the era that things were being decided. At that time, that was the correct decision for the time. I think that if Lucas and co. had placed a younger girl in that particular movie at that time, with the furor that happened regarding the need for the rating change, I think they would have probably been vilified in the press for being responsible for placing a young girl in such evil straits, and then profiting from the depiction! Horrors. Now if they were doing this today, I think a young lady in this part could possibly work, but then we have to think about the period that Indy was working in, the mid '30's. Would HE have taken a young lady with him that he had just picked up as an orphan? Would he have endangered her and involved her in such a trip? You have to put yourself, once again, in the mind set of THAT era to get those answers. Lots to consider. Regards. Michaelson

: : : Michaelson-
: : : Good points to consider regarding the frames of reference. However, I was a bit more interested in George's reasoning; this man, for better or worse, has been instrumental in the cinema for setting trends and changing the status quo. What I am suggesting is that had George stuck it out and did not compromise on this issue, perhaps the trend of strong females could have been set even earlier. Of course, we'll never know and we could talk in circles forever about it. But it is an interesting thought.
: : : As far as Indy deciding to take along a young female orphan, I would believe that he would be hesitant; unless she could prove to him that she was up to the challenge. Of course, being a street thief toughens up kids fast. She would no doubt have to have been a pint sized Marion.

: : Wasn't it George Lucas who created Princess Leia? I mean, she was very strong and leading, maybe less than those of today.

: This is true. Of course, things rarely get changed with one example in one film, though it can happen. It's more about consistently depicting the item in question and then it begins to sink in. I just find it interesting that George didn't go with his intuition in ToD when you consider all of the surprisingly strong females in his other films. Not to turn the forum into a post-modern feminist liturgy, but just an observation made from a fan's [female] point of view on some creative choices George made.

___ THink about it "Adult Male" living with a young 10 year old orphn what would they say about child molesting. THey still say Batman and Robin are Gay or or Dick is Bruce's keepsake.

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