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Posted by Andrea from on July 21, 1998 at 21:58:54:

In Reply to: Temple Of Doom better than Crusade posted by Jw fan THX on July 16, 1998 at 05:12:24:

: I prefer Temple Of Doom because it is different. Crusade is a carbon copy of raiders, albeit with obvious changes.
: I do like the dark tone of Temple Of Doom and actually feeling that Indy is in a dangerous situation.

One of the wonderful things about Indy is how different the pictures are from one to the next. Each one is very unique. However, Temple is my favorite. Raiders had this serious pulpy feel about it that seemed a touch too heavy for what we're watching--let's face it, we are watching a "B" movie with an "A" budget! And as such, the heaviness seems a little out of place. And this is coming from a die hard Indy fan. All I have to say about Temple is to look to Pauline Kael's (former film critic for the New Yorker) review. Crusade was the first Indy film I saw in a theater and had a great deal of sentimental value for me in that respect. However, Temple is what Empire was to Star Wars. It is darker, and here's the real deal--by Temple the series became self-conscious of what it was. With Raiders they had no idea what can of worms they were opening. Temple represents extreme Indy; and when people complained about Temple, the filmmakers made the mistake of holding back, compromising, returning to old formulas,
taming what should be wild. I'm not saying Crusade is an awful picture, it's just so safe and by the numbers. I'm sure I'm rubbing rhubarb, but no matter; Temple of Doom is a glorious nonstop rollercoaster from beginning to end. Sure the script isn't the best (even when I was little I could tell that this Indy pic was trying a little too hard for goofy laughs and not always hitting it right). But fortunately, if memory serves me at all, I was able to see the trilogy in its chronological order (oddly enough the Ark opening scene from Raiders scared me a lot more than anything I saw in Temple, and I saw both relatively at the same time on video).
So that just goes to show you how everyone's Indy experience is just as different and unique from the next. Temple gets knocked too much and it is the least appreciated of the series. And probably worst of all, the filmmakers are apologetic about making this film. What rubbish--show a little back bone, will ya? :D

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