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Posted by INDIANA GJR from on July 23, 1998 at 10:18:57:

In Reply to: Re: Who would play Abner Ravenwood? posted by Gary on July 23, 1998 at 09:49:56:

: : : The actor who played the unkown archaeologist in LC wich I belive is the first time Indy met Abner Ravenwood who took a liking to Indy and gave Indy his hat.

: : Wow, you think "Fedora" is Abner Ravenwood? Interesting theory! Well, first of all, it couldn't be any of those guys mentioned before, because if it was indeed a flashback, he wouldn't be 60 or 70 years old! He would most likely be in his 40's. What about Tommy Lee Jones? That would ~rule~, in my opinion. I would do anything to see him in any Indy film. But anyway, I sort of think that this may happen (the appearance of Abner in a film), because of the fact that although Indy attended the University of Chicago on the tv series, Abner Ravenwood never showed up or was even mentioned. It seemed like he should have been a regular on the show. But perhaps George Lucas didn't want to have one actor on the show and then have to recast the same exact part in the movie-considering that cast of the show was basically all unknowns and the movies of course feature well-known actors.

: Tommy Lee Jones is a great action actor and would fit in somewhere in a Indy movie. If fedora was Abner he would have to be about the same relative a Indy in raders between 30-35 to have a daughter the age of Marion- actualy who knows anybodies age in the movies?
: Gary

In my opinion, the man who gave young Indy the fedora would be the perfect Abner . I think it would be pretty cool to work off Last Crusade knowing how Indy met Abner. The man who gave Indy the Fedora seemed very much like Indy and it would make so much scence. Age and other flaws of fitting the charachters together could easily be worked into the movie by Speilberg. Later,

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