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Posted by IJFan from dresden.bmc.com on July 23, 1998 at 13:58:51:

Yes, yes, yes... A beat to death topic if ever there was one... But I'm about to order one and I'm trying to figure out which, and I thought I'd try to get the current collective opinion on which is best.

Let's leave the cost of the hat out of the equation for a second and focus on which is likely to be the closest match to the original. Off the top of my head, I'd say it's likely to be the HJ, but somewhere in the archives I saw a post claiming that they've switched felt sources since the films and that they're not quite as nice any more. Which has me a little worried. The real alternative to this seems to be the Custom Hatter version. I haven't heard great things about the guy that runs the place, though and am a little hesitant doing business with him (not to mention that the hat's ungodly expensive - but we're leaving that out of the equation for now).

There's also the W&W Allegro, but I think that's getting awfully far from the actual look I'm after...

Anyway, which of these is likely to give me the most accurate reproduction.



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