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Posted by Isaac from on July 23, 1998 at 19:33:26:

In Reply to: Which Hat... posted by IJFan on July 23, 1998 at 13:58:51:

Go with the Custom Hatter. He is the only one who knows the
differences between the hats in each movie. And they are different.
I don't care what everyone says about the HJ. It's a stock fedora
re-blocked to look similar to the original- with a HJ seal placed
inside the crown to complete the illusion- so it can be more
effectively marketed. If HJ made the originals, why don't they have
three different models? I received my HJ "custom designed" by the
Richard Swales and both the shape and cut were obviously not
authentic. It's all about money. Same with the jacket. Why do you
think everyone keeps coming up with these strange inconsistencies
which may be found with a scrutinizing eye? Trying to deal with the
ribbon tone was quite nerving as well. I even ordered the Petersham
from Hymen-Hyndler which was the worst forty bucks I ever spent.
The CH has a nice contrast of tone between the ribbon and the hat. I
do not believe that the Custom Hatter made the original for the
movies. I will also give HJ credit for once being original. But I do
not believe that the hat they are presently marketing as "authentic"
is anything more than a good business arrangement which pulled me in
as well as many others who still will insist that it is authentic.
The CH is more expensive, but made of far superior quality. If you
trust majority opinion, then go with the HJ. I am pissed off because
I have spent so much money trying to obtain the "real" outfit. After
reflecting, I can see how obvious it would be for a business to claim
authenticity once the demand for the merchandise began to rise.
All have their own opinion, but I trust mine. And I'm sure Mr. Swales
and Mr. Botright are laughing all the way to the bank. The only thing
I have which I know is "real" is the whip. Maybe the pouch and the
boots. I remember first receiving the HJ and Wested, and being so
excited that I forced myself to believe they were authentic. All I
know is that I think the shaping, cutting, and color of the CH is
more "authentic" than the HJ. Then again, maybe my understanding of
Indiana Jones material is warped because I honestly cannot understand
how anyone could give credence to anything post- Raiders, all of
which completely destroy the character psychology and story tone- for
many reasons in which marketing strategy may also be applied.

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