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Posted by walker from on December 20, 1997 at 14:20:01:

The following article appeared in the November issue of Dreamwatch Magazine (British). Chances are it's crap, but it does tie together a great many of the rumors everybody's been hearing:


Development on a fourth Indiana Jones film is reportedly progressing at pace.

A screenplay by IJ and the Last Crusade author Jeffrey Boam, titled Indiana Jones and the Ultimate Destiny, sees Indy pursuing the mystical paradise of Shangri-La. Following an opening prelude set in 1926, which sees a young Indy embroiled in an adventure with mentor Abner Ravenwook and his teenage daughter, Marion, Ultimate Destiny moves forward to 1953.

Indy now serves as curator of the college museum following Marcus Brody's death while tending to the needs of his aging father, who relates details of an ill-fated expedition in pursuit of the Holy Grail, made before Indy's birth. Father and son adventurers race against their rival, Professor Conrad, to unlock the riddle of Shangri-La. However, Ultimate Destiny will directly link the legendary hidden Buddhist paradise to Christian scripture.

The screenplay has been approved for its historical accuracy and religious reverence by a prominent Idaho researcher who revealed that the film would see the Joneses discover the Garden of Eden in a very exciting, and very religious tale. Director Steven Spielberg has confirmed that the movie will have something "to do with Adam and Eve".

Boam's screenplay would take production to America, Scotland, Western Russia, jerusalem, and the Himalyan Mountains. An alternative screenplay by newcomer Gary Black is also being considered, which would be set in Greece at the end of the Second World

Star Wars star, Mark Hamill, has apparently been assured of a role in the next production.


Well, that's the whole thing. But who knows, could be the work of some desperate editor desperate to fill up magazine space.


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