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Posted by Phil Colvin from userl374.uk.uudial.com on July 24, 1998 at 11:16:08:

In Reply to: Re: What does the scene at the end of Raiders mean? posted by Indiana Jones on July 24, 1998 at 09:52:39:

: : I never really understood what the crating of the ark and storing it in that huge warehouse was supposed to mean at the end of Raiders? Is the American government hiding it, saving it for a rainy day, or what?

: : Tim

: Well, let me talk like an army general for a minute, that might explain it a little better.

: (Picture an army General, standing in front of an American flag, yelling this at you.)

: Well, son, it's like this. You have seen the power that the Ark possesses and you have seen what it can do. And if it were to fall into the hands of the Nazis, Communists, or any other fanatics, then they would be able to over come the world's armed forces, including the armies of the United States of America. That is why we, the United States Government and the Armed forces, have kept it locked up in a gigantic warehouse, with tons of other crap that can cause mass destruction. Do you hear me maggot?????

: Sorry about the "maggot" line, but I just had to make it sound like an army guy. But the rest of it is probably the answer you would get. In the picture in Indy's book in Raiders and the stories in the Bible, the Hebrews carried the Ark into battle and every time, it helped them destroy their enemies and win wars. That's why Hitler was searching for it in the first place. He wanted to carry it with his army, so he would win every war he fought. Now if the Ark is locked up in a gigantic warehouse and mixed with a whole bunch of other crap, no one would find it and no one would be able to use it against America. I hope this explains it. If it doesn't, maybe someone else can give a better explanation.

: Indy

I'm going to disagree with you on this one,

I always thought that the Government stuck it in that place because they didn't care about it. Look at the scene in the college at the beginning when they see the picture, they don't believe it. But they do want to get one over Hitler, which is why they ask Indy to go get the Ark (if they had viewed it as a danger, surely they would have sent the military to get the thing)

So when they finally get hold of it, it means nothing to them. They don't know anything about it and just assume it's a nice relic (after all, Hitler had been obsessed with religious artifacts, so maybe it was just suppsoed to look nice nad not have a function) and Indy's final comment remarking that they 'don't know what they're dealing with' shows that the military know nothing about the Ark's purpose or abilitiy. The only people alive who do were Marion and Indy. So the Government just puts it away with the other junk they have no use for. Maybe a few weapons and things, but more likely just bits and pieces.

If the Governement considered itsuch a great weapon, they would have used it. But they didn't. It might be a combination of both theories, but I think you over estimate the competence of the military considering thier attitude elsewhere in the film.


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