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Posted by Major Paul from on July 25, 1998 at 23:32:15:

In Reply to: Wested Questions... posted by IJFan on July 24, 1998 at 16:06:20:

: So the earlier discussion on hats and jactets got me looking at my Wested to see how many things I could find that weren't quite the same as the original (other than the obvious brass v. nickel hardware issue) - just as a matter of interest.

: The biggest one is the length...and I'm interested in other's experiences with this, as well. When I wear my jacket, the bottom of the body portion is about 2" shorter than the bottom of the sleeves, and the body comes down about 6" below my belt. If you look in the photos of the jacket used in the films, there's a much bigger difference between the length of the sleeves and the length of the body - say 4" - and the body of the jacket bottoms out only slightly lower than Ford's belt. Wondering how other people's fit. Seems to me this would be a patterning issue - that is, the sleeve is x" longer than the body - which would imply some variance. Mine is actually about 3" longer than the zipper - which is too bad really because if it had been cut to that length, it would have been perfect at the bottom and would have closed better.

: Another difference I've found is that in all the photos I've seen, the seam on the shoulder has the piece from the cape on top folding back, with the piece from the chest coming up under such that the ridge faced forward. On mine, it's the opposite. The piece from the cape goes underneath with the seam opening to the rear.

: Anyway, as I said earlier, I'm really happy with my jacket - but I just think it's interesting how these things can change while adhering to the same pattern.

: -IJFan

: I think it would be impossible, unless you have the exact same body dimensions as Harrison Ford, to achieve the same distances between sleeves, bottom of jacket, etc. Your body size and shape is not his. Besides, wouldn't you rather own a jacket that was tailored to fit your body?

As to the descrepancies you noted with seams variations, I can't really comment. -MP

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