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Posted by ericao from on August 02, 1998 at 23:13:40:

God, it's been a long time since I've posted here. . .but I just got done seeing Saving Private Ryan and I've realized that Stephen Spielberg is a frikin genius. I've always known that, but that movie just strengthens my belief that he is one of the greatest directors ever! Now, I detested The Lost World, but I've concluded through years of emotional anguish that he didn't really have any part in making that piece of filth. Someone paid him an enormous amount of money for his name in the directors seat but he never once directed any portion of that god-awful sequel.

Now, concerning Indiana Jones IV, I pray to God that he doesn't just give his "name" for mass appeal and that he actually sits down and directs a film worthy of him. I love his imaginitive, fantasy films...I really do. But maybe Indy 4 could be a little more serious. . .like Raiders was. Since Harrison Ford is like 57 now or something, Indy would have to be portrayed at around that age, which would consequently make the films setting sometime in the 50's. No Nazis then, so who could be the enemy? I would love to see Indy 4 be more serious, as I've said, but also a bit spiritual. . .like the books were. I'm not saying our enemy should be the Anti-christ, although that would be amazing, but something a bit more sinister than Donovan and definately more intruiging than that one guy in the Temple of Doom. (hey, I didn't pay attention to his name even after seeing the film 3000 times, so crucify me!)

As for the plot, I would wet my pants if they did something concerning Atlantis or Merlin, but then again, they have already touched upon Atlantis in the FoA, darnit to hell. And I have no idea how Merlin could come into this, but as you all should know. .Merlin is Indy's spirit guide. . at least in the novels. I would really love to see Sean Connery in this sequel, but I'm not sure if he should have a leading role, as the Last Crusade already pretty much cashed in on that father/son bit. If the new romantic lead has to be a returning love interest, my pick is definately Marion. (not much of a selection though, considering Elsa's dead and Willies annoying as hell) I would also really really just freak out in a good way if Jack Shannon was in this movie. While we're on the subject of him, why wasn't he ever brought up in the Young Indiana Jones series? Always wondered that.

Well, that's about all I had to say. I'd like to read your replies, yo.


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