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Posted by Jeff from on August 08, 1998 at 01:40:42:

In Reply to: What's YOUR favorite scene? posted by Tommy K on August 07, 1998 at 20:46:12:

: Occasionally in movies (Indy's or not), there are scene where the actions and music and the whole shebang just stir me up and sometimes I break out into goosepimples, like during Draco's magnificent exit in "Dragonheart." With regards to Indy movies, the one that stirs me up the most is in "Last Crusade" when Indy pulls himself up from the tank after just missing the outcropping of rock, just after the driver is shot; remember that? Sheer determination in his eyes. Anyway, any scenes in which YOU feel this sensation? Even if not, what's YOUR favorite scene?
A number of various scenes in movies get me a little. The above mentioned maproom and shooting the swordsman scenes are pretty good and I enjoy them. I suggest another Indy scene out of many that might get you if you think about it. Remember in "Temple of Doom" when Indy has been 'awakened' by Short Round and saves Willie from the lava. Indy and Shorty put each other's hats on and Indy grabs the stones. Shorty says "Lets get out of here!" Then you see a grim look on Indy's face as he announces "Yeah, all of us." I like that one.
Another scene of note is in Contact when Jodi Foster is in the courtroom after her voyage. James Woods is clearly tearing her apart, yet..

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