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Posted by ericao from on August 08, 1998 at 15:37:20:

In Reply to: What's YOUR favorite scene? posted by Tommy K on August 07, 1998 at 20:46:12:

God, I have so many favorite scenes in the Indiana Jones films. Okay, here I go. 1) The maproom scene 2) The scene where the sun is setting and everyone is digging for the lost ark while Indy puts on his hat 3) the part where Indy kicks the German near the U-boat because he needs a hat and he doesn't have time for his nonsense 4) when Indy decides not to blow up the ark with a grenade launcher 5) when the spirits of the germans are sent back up to God during the finale 6) the ark being stashed away in that old warehouse at the end 6) When Willie says: And I hate YOU when they fall of the cliff in that raft because her voice cracks 7) That part where Willy throws the snake away from her neck, thinking it was the elephant 8) When Indy says: We are going to DIE, and looks at Willy with this really funny expression before the spikes inhale him and shorty 8) that part where shorty says: Let's get outta here. and indy says: Yeah, all of us. 10) When Indy and his dad are tied to the chair and they go: Dad! What? Dad! What?! DAD! WHAT?? 11) When Indy's dad just stares at him after Indy, looking all proud, kills those Germans on the motorcycles 12) When Indy's father kills the German in the plane with the birds because he scares them with his umbrella 13) When one of Indy's bullets rips through like 4 soldiers on the tank 14) My god, I've lost him! And I never told him anything Marcus, five minutes would've been enough. 14) When Indy takes his leap of faith, you can literally feel his fear and tension and then finally, relief (probably my favorite, climatic part) 15) When he uses the holy grail to wash away the bullet in his fathers chest and FINALLY 16) When Indys dad calls out to him and brings back some of his sense by saying: Indiana. Indiana. Let it go.

Jesus H Christ, that was one long LIST. . . . wasn't it? Just goes to show you the many incredible parts that all Indiana Jones movies have, yo.

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