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Posted by Michaelson from on August 10, 1998 at 07:51:49:

In Reply to: Re: Jacket posted by Indiana Jones on August 08, 1998 at 21:45:41:

: : : What about the Jacket; do we know from where the jacket originates?
: : : It is not seen in YIJC to my knowledge, so it must be later right?
: : Sorry about the error, this was posted by Indiana John.
: : I did not want to steal someone's identification.
: : I think that it is best to keep your name consistent; that
: : way there is a user character and comradery. How many active users are there? since I am on the subject.

: My best guess would be as good as your best guess. People have dropped in and out on occasion. In the beginning, there was a Belloq, Indy Anna Jones, They Call Him Belosh (which I think was a pretty unique forum name), and a few others that were big contributers to the forum that have gone in and out. There are a few here, in the present forum, I haven't heard from. Phil Colvin, I haven't seen much of Ben, Friend of Indy, and a few others that pop in and out and give a lot of input.
: And by the way, it's okay if you use Indiana Jones as your forum name. I don't mind, hey, it's the internet. You can have jackass pages about the racism. Personally, I piss in their general direction, those bastards.
: But getting back to using forum names. You can use Indiana Jones. Just put something on the sides to tell who it is:
: ex:
: I put, as my forum name, Indiana Jones. Not *Indiana Jones*. Not +Indiana Jones+. Just ordinary Indiana Jones. Just as long as no one uses my forum name to bad mouth someone and blame it on me, it's fine.

: And about the jacket. I don't know exactly when Indy begins wearing the jacket, but I know he copied Fedora's look. He's the guy who gave him the hat, remember, and he dressed just like Indiana Jones.

: Indy

I've been here since Vault one, and a lot of individuals disappear, then reappear under a different name. How do I know this? They have said so in their new posts. Why they do this, I haven't a clue. Re-birth I guess. You can pretty much tell who are students, and who are not by the time period they appear, too. It has been Summer break for the past 3 months. I guarantee that several familiar names will reappear in the next few weeks because those students will be coming back to schools, and will have access to their computer labs again. Regards. Michaelson

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