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Posted by i212keol from on August 13, 1998 at 00:09:52:

In Reply to: What do you think George lucas's plans are to release the Indy trilogy? posted by TSL on August 12, 1998 at 21:48:53:

One of my buddies who I went to college with now works for Paramount Pictures in the "project development" department. He says that every so often they will have contact with Lucasfilm about Indy 4. Lucasfilm keeps telling Paramount that LFL isn't even considering pre-production of Indy 4 until AFTER Episode 1 of the prequels comes out next May.

Paramount has also been asking Lucasfilm if LFL has any special plans in store for the 20th anniversary of ROTLA in 2001. LFL says it would be nice to do a special edition, but they may not be able to do that and Indy 4 while still having to work on the next two Episodes of the prequels. According to my friend at Paramount, there are some scenes from the Indy Trilogy that ended up on the cutting room floor that George Lucas would like to see put back in the film. He would also like to restore the film negatives, add THX enhanced sound and make some of special-effects sequences in the first film look better. Lucas also would like to release the Indy films a few weeks a part in the cineplexes (like the SW special editions) because this is the way he remembers watching the adventure serials that came out every week when he was a kid.

However, getting Lucasfilm to say YES we are ready to move forward with the special editions or Indy 4 is very frustrating for Paramount. Lucasfilm is simply to busy with the first prequel movie to do anything substantive at this point.

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