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Posted by Adam from on August 17, 1998 at 10:40:55:

In Reply to: Re: Who is worse: Thuggees or Nazis posted by Elendil on August 17, 1998 at 09:37:23:

: : There was an argument recently about who was more evil: the Nazis or the Thugees. This argument had struck a cord with a one Elendil who told us all about Hitler's dastardly deeds like it was news to us. But I know of someone who is exceptionally worse than Hitler. His name was Stalin, the second man to rule communist Russia. Imagine living in a nation where your friends and relatives dissapeared around you and it could happen to you at any moment. This was 1930s Russia, my friends. Through his paranoia, an approximate 20,000,000 scientists, teachers, artists, and normal folk either dissapeared or was murdered. All these people were killed for allegedly having anti-communist sentiments. That's 20,000,000 compared to Hitlers score of 4,000,000. I think Stalin wears the "Evilest Man On Earth" medal.
: : -Mack

: I agree. In the aforementioned "argument" (I prefer to use the term "lively discussion in which I wiped the floor with Mithrandir." Before I start a real flame war, I'm kidding, Mithrandir!! See? Winking smiley and everything----> ;-) I claimed that the Nazis were worse than the Thuggee for the same reasons Stalin was worse than Hitler (which I agree with, by the way) very simply, sheer scale. Each was evil, in their own right. But you can't really argue with numbers. I have to concede to Mack here that Stalin was worse than Hitler cuz the scale of atrocities was much larger. Thuggee are just as evil as Nazis, but on a much, much, much smaller scale. In addition, I would like to apologize to anyone, particularly Mithrandir, if I seemed like I was attacking them personally or flaming in any way. (By the way, this apology doesn't apply to any Nazis, Thuggee, or Communist evil guys out there. I still don't like you.)

Not to stray too far from the prupose of this forum, I nevertheless have to say that this argument seems like a moot point. That we could possibly begin to exquate "the level of evil" between these two men and their atrocities is preposterous. The count with Hitler is far more than 4 million -- at least 6 million Jews, plus millions more deemed for extinction (including gypsies, political undesirable, homosexuals) totaling at least 11 million from the Holocaust alone -- let alone WWII.

Remember, too, that while Stalin's influence may have killed more men than Hitler, he didn't specifically target one perticular culture/race/religion for extinction. His was a lust for power, a severe paranoia, and much much more.

It seems useless and silly to say one is more evil than the other, by using mere numbers of deaths as the balancing tool.

The very argument seems to trivialize the plight of all their victims.

I'm sorry to sound off my political beliefs on this forum, but I think sometimes forum postings like these require a significant reality check from time to time.

An Indy Fan Nonetheless,


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