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Posted by Mithrandir from on August 17, 1998 at 18:04:49:

In Reply to: But you do have a point there posted by Indiana Jones on August 16, 1998 at 17:44:10:

: : : I think the Nazis are exponentially worse than the Thuggee. The Thuggee had human sacrifices, right? Well, ever hear of concentration camps? Ever hear of interspecies breeding experiments performed by the Nazis? Humans and monkies? The Thuggee worshipped an evil god, right? The Nazis worshipped the Evil One with every evil action they did, whether they knew it or not. The Nazis killed millions of people, in a manner much more horrific than being lowered into a volcano. They left them in concentration camps to rot away and be consumed alive by flies, rats, and all sorts of diseases spawned by the nonexistent hygiene of the camps. The Thuggee wanted to destroy all gods except their own and rule the world. The Nazis did the same thing, except that their god's name wasn't Kali, it was Hitler. There's another Spielberg movie you should watch to clarify this whole thing: "Schindler's List." Final verdict: Thuggee are evil. Their rites of worship are bizarre and horrific. The Nazis are Satan's elite. They worship him with every action they perform. Now, tell me, how are the Thuggee worse than the Nazis?

: : Woah, settle down, he's just saying that he'd like to see Indy fight some other evil group than the Nazis. I don't think anywhere did he state that the Nazis are less evil than the Thugee. Give him a break it's just a damn suggestion.

: I realize that Elendil's comment is kind of attacking Mithrandir's opinion, but Elendil is right. What's higher up on the evolutionary scale: Nazis or Pirahna's. Pirhana's of course! They may kill, but they kill because they're hungry and they've got the humanity to stop eating their victim when their victim has been reduced to skin and bones. The Nazis are the most spineless, idiotic, motherf**king, inbred, little d**ked, bastards in all of history. Their leader said the Aryan race was the perfect race, but the f**k head wasn't even an Aryan!!!

: Sorry if I lost my cool back there, but I really hate Nazis and never miss a chance to insult them, or the KKK, or any other racist group out there, white or black.

: "Nazis....I hate these guys."
: Indiana Jones, Grunwald Castle Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

: Indy

Don't worry. I've already posted a notice in the forum to Elendil that everything's cool. BTW, I hear you on your antiantirascist statements.

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