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Posted by Mithrandir from on August 23, 1998 at 20:02:46:

In Reply to: Indy Catchphrases, Wisecracks, and Quotes posted by Elendil on August 21, 1998 at 18:00:34:

: Everyone knows Star Wars fans have their trademark greeting "May the force be with you." What should Indy fans use as their greeting? How about, "May your hat stay dry and shaped," or "May your hat never leave your head," or, "The whip be with you." But seriously, how about "Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory." While we're at it, what's everyone's favorite Indy quote? Here are some of mine:

: "Ha, ha ha, son of a bitch," Indy in the Well of Souls from Raiders.

: Where Belloq says he doesn't know where he can find an adversary so close to his own level or something to that effect and Indy says, "Try the local sewer."

: "INDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!," Marion from Raiders.

: "That no fortune cookie," from Shorty in Temple.

: "I very little. YOU cheat very big," Shorty from Temple.

: Willie: "Let's get out of here." Indy:"Yeah. All of us." from Temple.

: "Prepare to meet Kali... IN HELL!!!!" The damnation of Mola Ram by the Reverend Indy in Temple.

: "Everybody's lost but me," young Indy in Crusade.

: Panama Hat: "This is the second time I've had to reclaim my property from you, Jones." Indy: "That belongs in a museum!" Panama Hat: "So do you!!" from Crusade.

: Henry Sr.: "I thought you were one of them." Indy: "They usually come in through the doors." Henry Sr.: "Good point." from Crusade.

: "I said... (killing Germans with machine gun) DON'T CALL ME JUNIOR!!" from Crusade.

: "Dad? What? Dad? What? DAD? WHAT!!?? Head for the fireplace!" from Crusade.

: Anyway, I think I've taken up enough space on Micah's hard drive. Oh, yeah, and "May you always return for a sequel." --Elendil

Included in my list is a list of facial expressions: 1)When Indy kicks the door holding the Nazi who just shot him on the truck in Raiders, 2)when Indy pulls himself up from the tank after just missing the rock (the music and his actions tell you he's REALLY PISSED OFF!) in Crusade, 3) he doesn't miss a beat in the bedroom with Willie in Temple, 4) "Oh, sh*i*t." in Temple, 5) "I think they're trying to kill us!" "I KNOW, DAD!" "Well, it's a new experience for me!" "Happens to me ALL THE TIME!" in Crusade, 6) "I WAS the next man!" in Crusade, 7) we can see him slowly loose his grip on the bazooka during Belloq's soliloquy in Raiders, 8) collapses after "Well done. C'mon." in Crusade, 9) the "You sonufab*i*tch" look that Indy gives to the first Thugee as he starts to liberate the kids in Temple, and 10) "WATER! WATER! WATER! Uh?! WATER!!! WATER!!!" in Temple.

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