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Posted by Michelson from on August 24, 1998 at 07:24:07:

In Reply to: Re: Indy Bag Items posted by Gary on August 23, 1998 at 19:16:48:

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: : : : : : : : Has anyone ever discussed/speculated on which items Indy stored in his bag. I have seen a few possible ones in Raiders, like the Colt .45 he used in the bar, the brush and notepad used in the Well of Souls, and then the knife he was going to cut Marion's ropes with. I do not remember if he used a trowel in the books, but all archaelogists use them.
: : : : : : : : Does anyone have these items in their collection?

: : : : : : :
: : : : : : : Yes, there has been past discussions regarding bag contents, and I don't remember anything ever really getting finalized. I know of one item that I have used, but would be REAL careful in carrying in my bag is the trowel. They're pretty sharp and will poke a hole in your satchel if you're not careful. You know, one thing I have NEVER seen anyone ever mention is his silver pocket watch, mentioned in one of the novels about alchemy. Hope I spelled that correctly. There are a lot of little odds and ends that folks can speculate about, but can't really give a definative answer too. Regards. Michaelson

: : : : : : Well, here's my list, based on way too many viewings of the trilogy:

: : : : : : What we definitely see in the bag-Raiders

: : : : : : 1. The drawstring bag
: : : : : : 2. The drawstring bag filled with dirt
: : : : : : 3. The brush
: : : : : : 4. The notebook
: : : : : : 5. A pencil

: : : : : : TOD:
: : : : : : 1. A Sankara stone

: : : : : : LC:

: : : : : : 1. The grail diary

: : : : : : Possibilities:

: : : : : : 1. Small artifacts like the Staff of Ra, the Cross of Coronado, and the small pieces he gave Marcus after the idol disaster.
: : : : : : 2. Ammunition. There really isn't anywhere else he could carry ammo, since the belt has no ammo holders or pouches.
: : : : : : 3. The Colt .45. I only have the cropped video version, so I can't really see if he takes the .45 out of the bag, but this is the most plausible place to keep the sidearm.
: : : : : : 4. The knife. We can't see if it comes from the bag or his pocket.

: : : : : : That's all I can think of right now.

: : : : : Sometimes the bag looks pretty full and some times it looks empty Indy probbly puts in things that he thinks he shall need and keeps some things in his jacket pocket like the lighter. the knife is probably in the bag or he would have tried to use it in Crusader when he and his father were tied up and the Nazis took his bag. I have been searching antique stores for 1920-40 items like flashlights, a 1920 boy scout compas and similar items that would come in handy when on a walkabout. as far as the 45 goes I have wondered wither he picks it up off the floor I think that one of the bad guys also was using a automatic and when his revolver ran out of amunition it would have been easer to pick it up after the other guy was dead and droped it. JUST A THOUGHT

: : : : The Colt .45 was a US weapon at this time. All the weapons that were carried into the Napal bar were German Lugers and German sub-machine guns. Indy begins the fights with his Smith, backing up to the door frame. He empties the revolver, then turns to his bag. When he comes back up, the Colt is in his hand. The other interesting thing about the fight is that the only US made weapons there were in Indy's possession, those being the Smith and the Colt. Must have made it easy for the prop man. German weapons to the Germans, US weapons to US guy, easy enough to understand. That's why the prop guys are in the union and get paid big bucks! Regards. Michaelson

: : : I did not notice the bag grab(O! goody a reason to watch Raiders again). Actualy it would be better to carry the Webly since it would probably be easer to get ammo as most of the places Indy goes are British Protecterates(Spelling?) rather than the American guns which were not available in Europe and other countrys in quanity until WWII there may have been some left over from WWI but not much.

: : Gary, if you had the chance to carry a Webley, you'd know why it isn't the best gun to have to carry around very long. Extremely heavy, and the power is not even equal to the Colt .45 or the old Smith Triplelock. Webley's are built like trucks and can take a beating, but not fun to tote around for a long period of time. Ammo acquisition would be my last consideration. Also it didn't even appear until the last movie. I still don't know why they switched to that revolver. Regards. Michaelson

: One good thing about hand guns when they are out of ammo you can use them to pound in nails to hang pictures.
: GAry

ESPECIALLY the Webley! Regards. Michaelson

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