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Posted by Mithrandir from on August 28, 1998 at 18:51:18:

In Reply to: NO WAY TOO OLD (all Indyfans PLEASE READ!!!!) posted by JENA AND SUZI on August 28, 1998 at 12:55:33:

: We've seen messages from idiotic puffs who have the completely unfounded opinion that Harrison Ford is too old to star in Indy4. Well we think that that is a load of total bullshit. Could anyone with an opinion on this issue please leave us a message.

First of all, it is my opinion that there is too much wanton profanity in the site. Damn and hell are okay, B and S and F and A I don't really appreciate - I don't use them myself. Let's find better words to say, Indy fans. Secondly, saying that Indy is too old is like saying that I am too young (15) to appreciate or understand adult-themed (by that I mean morality, realpolitik, the way things really are, not porn)movies. I loved Braveheart and am dying to see Saving Private Ryan. All my friends like funny movies, but I like plausible ones, like the Jack Ryan series, Abyss, and other such thought-provokers. If Ford can do all the crap he did in AFO and 6,7 at 54 or 55, he can darn well do it five years from now, if he stays smart and keeps healthy. He could still kick butt with a cane, if needs be. Good message. Send more.

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