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Posted by Ultraman Tiga from on September 01, 1998 at 02:47:37:

In Reply to: Re: Danny Elfman? posted by Jeff on August 29, 1998 at 22:46:51:

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: : : : It's me again, Indy fans, with another doomsday/hypothetical question. Hope you'll keep answering them like you have in the past. My new question is...even though we know that John Williams, creator of the all too recognizeable and muched loved Indy music, has all but commited to Indy IV for music, what he backs out or something? My backup choice would be James Horner or Hans Zimmer. I get the nagging feeling I'm leaving someone out. But who?
: : : Why not. He's done some good stuff. Titanic, the Simpsons, Good Will Hunting.
: : I dunno. I think Danny Elfman has almost too modern and contemporary a style. Listen to his Mission Impossible and Tales from the Crypt music, and one can pick up on his electronic style. He uses too many sythesizers I think. (besides, he only cowrote the Titanic music.)
: He doesn't really have to do anything new with an Indy score. The standards already been set and Spielberg/Lucas realize that the music plays a large part in the Indy trilogy. There would be little room for Danny Elfman to experiment. He is, however, quite capable of emulating existing sounds and styles. Watch the Simpsons extensively. A lot of the episodes make fun of or spoof some good material and Elfman has to adjust the music appropriately. I've heard very reasonable copies of Star Wars, the Terminator, Aliens, and Raiders just to name a few.
: On the other hand, I would still prefer John Williams to do it.

You guys are on crack!

Elfman is one the greatest composers/singer/lyricists of all time (NIGHTMARE B4 X-MAS, Oingo Boingo, FORBIDDEN ZONE, MARS ATTACKS and the Oscar Nommy MEN IN BLACK - but to name a few masterpieces). Unfortunately, the flaws in your writing lie in a lack of info:

Elfman has nothing to do with the Simpsons beyond the original title theme. All of the other music on that show for the last ten years has been handled incredibly by Alf Clausen, who brought you such dandies as "Planet of the Apes - The Musical" (Not the planet!) and "A Streetcar Named Desire - The (what else?) Musical"!

Elfman had NOTHING to do with the TITANIC score. NOTHING!!!!! Where did you guys get the impression that he did? He has gone on record to say that his sensibilities would never have allowed him to incorporate the Irish elements and he would have instead focused on the dark drama at hand (as opposed to the gushy love music) - his score for "Dolores Claiborne" is a good example of what he is talking about and that score, at a creative level, utterly sinks Horner's TITANIC (pun not originally intended, but what the hey)!

If Elfman would score an Indy flick I'm sure the two areas he would focus on are 1: The thirties big band fanfare (a'la his score for DICK TRACY or his legendary Oingo Boingo works) and then the supernatural elements he would soak up like a sponge!

Any other info you'd like on the esteemed Mr. Elfman?


BTW - I've been an Elfmaniac since 1984! ("Gratitude" on the BEVERLY HILLS COP soundtrack, aka Oingo Boingo!)

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