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Posted by Indy Anna Jones on November 17, 1997 at 18:01:48:

On my Homepage I have added a Bulliten board (its REALLY cool!) PLEASE check it out & leave a message!!!! Also, I am going 2 have an add on story!!! Every1 know what that is? Good. I would like for some1 2 write the first story. Please include Title, author, story body, & choices. Heres an example:

Indiana Jones apoarched the entrance to the dank Chicago ally. A rushlte- barely audible- from depths made his fingers snake down to his holstered Colt. Suddenly, he hears a loud weez and a drunken bum erupts from the shabows. After wiping away some spittle from the corner of his mouth the intoxicated man's unfocused eyes turn and looks in Indy's general direction. Indy's fingers tighen on the butt of his gun. This isn't one of Belloque thugs, but he may be dangerous. "Spare a dime, gov'na?" the Bum hisses, punctuating the request with a hicupp. The smell of rotten breath laced with whisky wafts harshly into Indy's nostrils.
Doese He:
1.Shoot the bum
2. tell him to get lost
3. give him money
4. ignore him

Please no more than 4 options, please resopnd ASAP!!! ***Indy Anna Jones***
PS- I nkow its not very good but give me a break- I'm 14!!! LOL

Indy's got a boo-boo.

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