I think Indy should marry or otherwise stick with Marion...here's why...

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Posted by The White Rider from ppp-207-193-27-184.snantx.swbell.net on September 07, 1998 at 10:28:45:

If I was the guy to pick out Indy's fiance from a list of the former heroines, my only pick would be Marion Ravenwood; she is the only woman from the movies that seems capable of the trust of Indy, plus she doesn't need him around to be a bodyguard because it appears she can take care of herself just fine. I would not choose Willie Scott because she's (excuse me, ladies) too girlish, afraid, and like that rich bitch Rose's mom from Titanic, though on a smaller scale ie. she's not as arrogant but still thinks of only herself too often. Elsa Schnieder is definitely off because 1) she's a Nazi, 2) she already did it with Indy's dad and God only knows who else, and 3) she's a two-timing doublecrosser (actually if you really look at it she befriended Jones Sr., betrayed him, befriended Jones Jr., betrayed him, betrayed Donovan at the end of the movie; so she's a five-crosser or something). Oh yeah, and she died at the end of LC anyway. So anyway, Marion would be the best, if not only, choice for Indy to marry.

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