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Posted by auryn from on September 07, 1998 at 16:53:10:

In Reply to: What is your favourite Indy Novel? posted by Webley on September 07, 1998 at 13:11:54:

The best Indiana Jones novel writer is without a doubt Rob MacGregor. He had a few inconsistencies with the Indy character, but it was okay because he wrote his Indy novels before the show was created. The only thing I didn't like was how he never referred to any other movie besides Last Crusade. Also, a trivial thing that no one else probably cares about is how he said that Indy had hazel eyes. The stories are the most incredible and well written of the series, and I love the spiritual themed stuff especially.

Max McCoy is the only one who has come close to him. I love his books as well. Although Rob MacGregor beats him in stories, Max McCoy is better with the character. I liked the way that he bought in aspects of the tv show and other books as well as using Sallah, Wu Han, Lao Che and Belloq. Before only Marcus was used. He was the most knowledgable about the character and it was obvious that he did his research. I can't wait to read Secret of the Sphinx. Is this as seemingly hopeless as waiting to see Indy IV??????

Martin Caidin was the joke of the three. He completely butchered Indy. He transformed him into his own character. In Temple of Doom, Indy makes it clear that he has no idea how to fly, and yet in Martin Caidon books he is obsessed with flying. Indy doesn't care about flying. Martin Caidin loves flying, as it says in his bio. White Witch was okay, except for the flying parts, but Sky Pirates was the worst book out of them all. It literally took me like 2 years to read it. I would read one chapter, get so bored by it, stop and start reading another book, go back a few months later, get bored, read more books, go back, ad infinitum...

Rob MacGregors Indy books are not only my favorite of the Indiana JOnes novels but some of my favorite books of all time...

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