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Posted by Dale Dassel from on September 07, 1998 at 18:39:03:

In Reply to: Re: Flying Boat posted by Michaelson on September 07, 1998 at 14:55:13:

: :
: : I would REALLY appreciate it if anybody has any information
: : about the flying boat used in Raiders. I read that it was being restored at the time of filming, and that only one engine was
: : actually able to function. Also, they said that the plane was so
: : unseaworthy that it would sink if placed in water. So, after they
: : finished restoring it, did it go to an air museum, or is it still
: : flying, or what? Anybody know anything about it?

: : -Dale

: Hello, Dale, where in the heck have you been??!! Sorry about the flying Clipper, but no, it never did fly, and according to recent books about the subject, the plane was actually surface restored and shot in a junk yard. The shot was then used with a matt painting of the dock and background. If anything else was ever done with the old Clipper, it was done way after the fact, and I haven't seen any more written about it. They were very expensive to maintain, and being around a bunch here who teach an Aviation Systems program, all of them say that not many people care to even try to restore them to useable service. No one can afford to keep them up, or very few can. Regards. Michaelson

Hi Michaelson!!! I've been in Georgia for the past month or so.
I just got back on Saturday. I've been spending my summer earning
money for the very Indy-looking Filson Rucksack, courtesy of the
David Morgan company. It costed like $175. But it's well worth it.
It's 100% American-made, VERY sturdy and well-built, and it holds
my bullwhip and satchel very nicely. Have you seen Morgan's prices?!?!
My bullwhip, which costed only $515 this time last year, now costs
$585!!!!! Can you believe it??? And he's just created a new-size Indy
bullwhip- a 5 foot model for only $330. Do you know if anybody responded
to my offer for a trade of a copy of the Making of Raiders book for
my brand-new pristine condition Lost Treasure of Sheba book? And, have
you heard ANY news about Secret of the Sphinx? It's DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!
It's been a year and a half!!! Come on Bantam books- DANG!!! I did
pick up a copy of the new Harrison Ford biography. It has a SWEET
picture of Indy on the back cover that I've never seen before. I also
made a new discovery about Last Crusade: when Indy remarks, "If its
truth you're interested in, Dr. Tyree's philosophy class is right down
the hall..." it is a reference to the philosophy class that Harrison
took while attending Ripon college. His teacher- Dr. Tyree, was one
of Harrison's best friends, much like Indy and Professor Conrad (from
Peril at Delphi). Cool, huh? Sorry about not writing. I know there's
really no excuse for it, but I was rather busy. I did find a model of
the Martin M-130 China Clipper complete with Pan-Am logos, international
red wing-top decals and the famous NC-14716 identification numerals.
It's going to be awesome when I finish it!!! Bye for now!!!

Your friend-


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