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Posted by Michaelson from on September 08, 1998 at 19:40:33:

In Reply to: Re: Daid Morgan whip posted by Dan Borton on September 08, 1998 at 19:33:45:

: : I saw in the new David Morgan catalog that the Indy whip is available shot-loaded or not shot loaded. What the heck does that mean? Was Indy's whip shot loaded?

: : Matt

: Hi Matt, “Shot loaded” means that the whip is loaded with lead shot. Normally the shot is encased in an elongated leather or cloth bag, which is then braided over and used to make up part of the whip’s core. Some of the techniques used to produce the effect vary depending on the whip maker, but it is essentially the same. The reason it is done is to make the whip heavier with out adding bulk. It also makes the whip hit harder, making shot loaded whips useful in target cutting. Shot loading is more commonly offered in the kangaroo hide whips because kangaroo is a lighter weight hide than say Latigo or red hide. In most cases for general work use shot loading is not needed.

: As far as I know there has never been any mention of weather or not any of the whips used for the movies were shot loaded. Given the fact that shot loading is done for more specialized whip work, Most likely they were not. But don’t quote me on that one. Hope this helps.

: Dan

Dan, let me add one more thing, almost all whip makers do not recommend buying a shot loaded whip unless you have a specific need for this feature, as it is extremely hard on the whip, regardless of what leather is used in the whip manufacture, and shortens the life of the whip because of the stresses the shot puts on the braiding. Regards. Michaelson

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