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Posted by The White Rider from on September 08, 1998 at 20:29:46:

In Reply to: Re: correction posted by The Raider on September 07, 1998 at 18:18:31:

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: : : : One of the things I appreciate most about the Indy movies is that the highest rating they've ever gotten was PG-13. Being fifteen, I appreciate that they arent' R-rated. All the sex innuendos were apparently tame enough for kids, we didn't see any bodies get crushed, we see vehicles, buildings etc blown up but not necessarily the people inside them bieng blown up, no large amounts of blood when someone got shot or something but just enough to let you know that the character had been hit or shot that hard, there is almost no profanity to speak of unlike John McCLane from Die Hard or some of the other raunchier action heroes, and there is always time for humor to help lighten the atmosphere. I think all these things are in no way conservative or wussy or whatever other people may think; in fact, they help the movies present the story and people in a way acceptable for fans of all ages. Pray that Indy IV is at the most a PG-13 (gut feeling tells me it probably will be a PG-13). Keep up the good work, everyone affiliated with the Indy movies.

: : : One little note there: the PG-13 rating came into being because everyone thought that "Temple" was too much for PG, but not enough for R, as were several other movie series (James Bond, for example)

: : : ~The Raider

: : True, ToD was the first PG-13 movie, but what else did it have that was a first for a movie (hint: look in the credits (near the end, I think))?

: ToD was not PG-13, but inspired the rating to come into being a year later.
: I give up on that bit about the credits, though.

If you read the credits the whole way through, there is a little paragraph by itself saying something to the effect that Mr. Ford's physical build is attributed to Body by Jake. This was the first time a fitness center/program had been a recognized contributor to a movie. If what I read is right.

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