Lucas Speaks... Again!

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Posted by Hunter from on September 10, 1998 at 23:09:11:

Well, actually just more. Here's the Indy related stuff-

Q: With the Prequel Trilogy, you have stated that you are going to do some unconventional things that are not necessarily commercial. Do you plan to take the same route with Indy 4?

A: The fourth Indy film will almost certainly be the last because Steven, Harrison and I are getting so old. It will be the last opportunity to do things in an Indy film that we have always wanted to do, but may have shied away from in the past because those things may be considered unconventional and not commercial.

Q: Could you tie all the Indy films nicely together by bringing back old characters like Marion, Willy and Short Round?

A: Yes, that would help tie all four films together and it would be neat to reunite the previous casts members with Indy in some creative way. Steven or I could think of a way to do that if we really wanted to.

Q: With the tremendous popularity of strong female action heroes like Lara Croft (of the Tomb Raider games) and Xena: The Warrior Princess, why not give Indy a female sidekick who is as tough, if not tougher, than him?

A: We could do not* and that would be unconventional because the traditional female role in adventure films is that of the helpless heroine.

*[? Don't ask me I'm just copying this stuff]

Q: Why not pass the Indy torch by introducing Indy's son (say Henry Jones III or his daughter for that matter) or introducing a female version of Indy in the new film?

A: I could do that, but it would be hard to imagine future Indy films without Harrison in the starring role.

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