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Posted by Laurie Jensen from on September 13, 1998 at 13:50:59:

In Reply to: Re: Indy Gas Mask Bags search posted by Michaelson on September 13, 1998 at 12:09:46:

: : What is the best source for the Indy MKVII gas mask bags? Though several are mentioned on this forum and the "Indy Gear" type sites, is there any consensus on which of the bag sellers is most reliable and sells bags in good condition for a fair price? I know this has been discussed at length here before, but I have just recently begun Indy collecting and I would greatly appreciate some guidance. Many thanks for any suggestions you can offer.

: Hello Belloq. It really depends from where you are starting your search. If you'll look down on the page, you'll see a discussion regarding Laurie's search, and some of her contacts she has been able to make. I've found my through the militaria collectors pages. There doesn't seem to be one single good source, but then do we really want one? Laurie stated in one posting that her one contact was wondering why there was such interest in this bag. As she pointed out, if the word gets out that this item is so sought after by our crowd, the usual found price of $12 to $15 will immediately double, and the usual locations will dry up. I have been witnessing a lot of locations in New York state seeming to have access to these bags, and the ones I have received have been in very good shape. Most of the wear has been from storage. All I can recommend to you is to do your own search. We all did, and all were successful after a fashion. I think I was extremely lucky as the first posting I put out, I received two inquiries the next day. Actually, the strap seems to be the most daunting problem, and it shouldn't be either. As they say, there is more than one way to skin a cat. I would suggest going the internet search first, as posted by Laurie, and then start your own quiry if that doesn't pan out. You will find one, I assure you. Regards. Michaelson

I just wanted to add a few suggestions to Michaelson's good advice. The first thing I did was put out an add on the Militaria Collector's Exhange asking for the bag. Unfortunately, I did this twice without receiving a single reply. Frustrated, I decided to individually check sites on the web, rather than wait around for nothing to happen. After an online search, I found this great site, Militaria on the net, which basically lists all the major dealers of Militaria that have a website. Each site has a description of what countries' militaria is sold by each particular dealer. Going down the list, I just clicked each site that had British militaria, and looked at their page. The site I emailed actually had the bags listed on the page, but I'm sure most of these sites don't bother to list something as small and insignifcant (to non-Indy fans) as a gas mask bag. I would just email all of them and see who has the best deal and bags in the best condition. Since you want a bag in top condition, ask if they have any unissued bags, or tell them to email back the general condition of the bags they have in stock. Check out if you can return merchandise to the dealer; if you get an unsatisfactory bag from one of these guys you could just send it back.

As Michaelson stated, we have to be very careful in dealing with these people, who are, above anything else, businessmen. If they get a wiff of the importance of these bags, they will raise the prices. Believe me, I've been through this before, since I also collect Star Wars props. Once dealers found out what this stuff was being bought up for, prices absolutely skyrocketted. We've already seen David Morgan up his whip prices pretty outrageously in response to the demand for Indy items, and you can probably expect increases from the other Indy costume creators, as more people become aware of this stuff and try to buy it. That, alas, is the way of the world. Bag prices will also inevitably climb as the bags become more scarce, but there isn't any need to prematurely outprice other fans.

Here's the URL for the Militaria on the Net privett/mildealww2a.htm

Good luck. Remember, patience and perserverance pay off in the end.


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