distressed jackets

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Posted by D.Borton from piweba5y-ext.prodigy.com on September 13, 1998 at 21:25:03:

In Reply to: Re: what is the looking of distressed color jacket ?? posted by Max on September 12, 1998 at 13:14:30:

: :
: : : : Hello from Germany,
: : : : well - If you ask me buy a one in a new look !!
: : : : it gets it original Indy-LOOK by wearing it.
: : : : I am leaving for London in three weeks to buy a "new Look" Raiders
: : : : if you like I can take pictures of the distressed one in the shop and mail em.
: : : : Interested???

: : : Hi Chris,

: : : It would be great if you could take some photos of a distressed
: : : jacket and bring them online. There have been some off-forum
: : : discussions whether the Wested distressment looks authentic.
: : : Unfortunately I didn't visit Wested when I was in London some
: : : month ago.
: : : By the way, I read further down that you are from Cologne. I'm
: : : actually from Essen which is just a stone's throw away as you
: : : probably know...

: : : Regards,
: : : -Max

: : PLEASE if possible , could you show a photo of the distressed jacket from wested cause God only knows how many people would love to see it. Everyone says to look at the jacket in the movies to give yourself an idea on how the jacket looks but who knows what special things were done to the jacket after it came out from wested on to the movie set!!! Thanks,
: : G.J.R.

: That's the point! Wested did NOT weather the jackets for the movies.
: I'm not sure but I think it was done by Angels and Burmans or so.
: Anyway, because of the different distressment methods used we need
: to have proof that the Wested distressment looks at least "almost"
: like the movie one.

: Regards,
: -Max

Just wanted to add to this by mentioning that the Jackets used in the Temple of Doom, and especially the jackets used in the Last Crusade, seem to be much more "distressed" then the Jackets used in Raiders of the Lost Ark. That might be something you want to discuss with Wested leather, if your planning on ordering a distressed jacket, especially if you are looking for a specific "Indy" look.


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