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Posted by Professor Moriarty from on September 14, 1998 at 15:26:34:

In Reply to: Perfect? No. posted by Major Paul on September 14, 1998 at 02:32:56:

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: : I think Mel Gibson would be perfect for playing Indy what do you guys think? For those that disagree please clarify why.
: : Thanks

: : Shannon

: Shannon,
: I like Gibson a lot. He's a damn fine actor. But, I just don't see him playing the part. He too is starting to get up there in years. But the biggest problem I have with him portraying Indy is exposure. He's been in so many movies; it would be extremely hard for me to watch him and think to myself, "Hey, that's Indiana Jones". Instead, I would be sitting there shoveling popcorn thinking, "Hey, there's Mad Max, Hamlet, Detective Riggs, Maverick..." Good movies suspend disbelief. I'd have a hard time believing Mel Gibson was Indiana Jones. It would have to be a completely unknown actor for me to do that. -MP

I too like Mel Gibson, but cannot see him as Indy. Though, did you
know that MGM/UA actually tried recruiting Gibson as James Bond in
Goldeneye, but he couldn't find the time due to his work on
Braveheart. I can see him as Bond very easily. He has the pinache
and suaveness James Bond requires, not to mention an Australian/Brit
accent that he does a bloody fine of job covering up. Pinache? That
sounds a tad homosexual, doesn't it? Sorry. Pierce Brosnan was also
supposed to play Bond over ten years ago in The Living Daylights(my
favourite Bond film by the way), but was eventually unable to because
of his contract with Remington Steele. They even went so far as to
produce costume wardrobe and take promo shots before he was forced to
abort the project and let Timothy Dalton take over(who in my opinion
characterizes Bond closest to Ian Fleming's original version of him
in his novels). But never rule anyone out, because we were this to
seeing Tom Selleck as Indy, but didn't due to similar problems that
you are all aware of. Sorry to waste your time, I know this isn't Hell, Indiana Jones probably wouldn't been realized if
Spielberg hadn't expressed his dream of directing a Bond film to
Lucas, who then proceeded to do him one better by relating his idea
of a swashbuckling archaeologist named Indiana Jones. Sorry again.

Professor Moriarty

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