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Posted by Professor Moriarty from on September 14, 1998 at 15:55:56:

In Reply to: Re: WHAT WE WANT and what should be?? posted by Webley on September 14, 1998 at 14:37:15:

: :
: : : : Just about all of us want to see a Fourth Indiana jones movie , ponder the ideas of what its going to be like , and feel a good sence of closure when we walk out of the theater as we did after we saw Last Crusade. I must say that when i speak of closure , i mean leaving the theater and knowing Indy lives on.... These thoughts wich I'm discussing is just my own opinion and i would like to hear more ideas from everyone else. As for more Indiana Jones adventures, i couldnt imagine Indiana Jones with out Harrison Ford. Ford is the person who we support and go to see. Indiana Jones is Harrison Ford, Harrison Ford is Indiana Jones. Ford brought Speilberg's and Lucase's ideas to life and made it not only memorable, but a blockbuster hit!! take care,
: : : : G.J.R.

: : : Well, I've kept my thoughts to myself as all these posts have gone around and around, but today I think I'll just pop a couple thought out here. I've seen Mr. Ford's depiction of Indy compared to the discussion of the Bond franchise. That discussion will rage back and forth as long as the word "fan" exists, as to who was the best Bond. But let's admit it, Bond is an enigma. We know of his skills, but do we know absolutely anything about the man? Do we want to? Indy, on the other hand, we the fans have totally dissected the character, mind, and total make up of the character of Indy from cradle to the grave. There are few surprises for us now because we continue to pull the character apart. This is good, and this is bad. Soon or later we will reach a point we can no longer continue, because we have examined every possible particle and scrap that Indy has to offer. Bond will never age because though we know the character's capabilities, we really don't know the man at all. Indy, on the other hand, has had his soul bared though all the novels. Not much left to the imagination. Look at the attempts to create the novels here, and I'm not critiqing anyone's work. It's just that the ideas were running out quickly, and there were a lot of "been there, done that" isms appearing through out. Let's go one character different for a better comparison...the Tarzan franchise. In the US Johnnie Weismuller (please excuse the spelling if incorrect) reigned supreme throughout the 1940's. At the end of his contract years, he was replaced by a younger man, and the franchise continued. We all knew the story and background of the fictional character. To some, including me, Weismuller has and always will be Tarzen, but there have been many many more who have played the part, and the franchise continues to make money. Believe me, I will always believe Ford will always be Indy to me. I just don't think that if this continued to make money for the creators of the franchise, the Ford's disappearance would necessarily be the end of Indiana Jones. And we, like all other fans of other action figures, will contiune to go see the stories they have to tell. I will confess, when they came out with the "Return of the Lone Ranger" many years, I was one that refused to see it, because they didn't allow Clayton Moore, the original LR to participate, so yes, I confess there are exceptions to the rule. I believe they blew "Mission Impossible" by not have the originals participate too, but I paid for my ticket too, and will probably do the same on the sequel. I guess my bottom line is, yes, I have to accept the idea of Indy without Ford in any future offerings, because I sure as @#$% can't imagine the alternative, no Indy at all. Just my musings on a Sunday afternoon. Regards. Michaelson

: : Michaelson, I always appreciate reading your posts because there
: : one of thought. I understand what you wrote , but i do believe that all things must come to an end. I would rather keep Indy the way he is then the way he could become. Take Care,
: : G.J.R.

: I think exactly the same. For me 1 more Indy movie "with Harrison Ford" is perfect but it has to be the last one because the stories will never be that original as the Indy movies we know now.
: -Webley-

Ford is Indy, the character is sculpetd completly around him to the scar on his chin.

Professor Moriarty

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