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Posted by Professor Moriarty from pm269-02.dialip.mich.net on September 14, 1998 at 16:10:37:

In Reply to: Re: Online "ravenwood bar contest?" posted by Hank Awland, Jr. on September 11, 1998 at 20:02:59:

: I just tossed in Raiders this evening, cause I haven't seen it for awhile. And suddenly a wave of pleasant memories broke over me while watching it. Including a never-done contest with a fellow Raiders fan: we were going to reinact the "drinking contest" between Marion Ravenwood and the androgonous (at least to me) looking Nepalese guy (of course, my brother and I figured Mike Holmgren, coach of GB Packers, had started out playing roles like the Major of the Army Intelligence in the movie--but I digress). ANYHOW...I suddenly had this crazy idea, remembering my first and only (this is the second) "stint" on the Indyfan forum page: would it be possible (since the aforementioned fellow Indiana Jones wanna-be lives over 8 hours drive away now) to utilize the "forum" as a contact to say who just sucked down a shot, and who didn't, who yawned, grinned, and fell on the floor? And then, would Toht enter after the contest was over?

: Anyhow, my question to daily users of the forum is: would this be an unethical use of the forum? Would it interest anyone to see two idiots trying to drink Marion ravenwood under the table? (She'd win if eleven shots couldn't be finished...I think it was eleven shot glasses on the table, but probably more--they were bringing trays I think). I think I could find someone to be the "referee" for it; and I'm sure actual "betting" would be illegal. Maybe make it interesting: after each "shot," one would have to quote a line from the three Indy flicks: no mistakes, no repeats. Haven't worked out all the bugs from it. But...just asking. I think it would be a fun thing--but I've been wrong (sometimes horribly) before. So I figured "check public opinion"--even though I'm not always politically correct.

: Thanks.

That is seriously one the coolest ideas I've heard in a long time.
But c'mon, 11 shots? As Indy would say,"this is kiddy play."
e-mail me with anymore details, ideas, or how I can get involved.

Professor Moriarty

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