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Posted by Mithrandir from on September 14, 1998 at 20:25:36:

In Reply to: Re: Ford deserves 45 posted by ~The Raider~ on September 14, 1998 at 17:00:07:

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: : : : I heard on the radio the other day some Indy 4 news. It was most of the same old junk but with something new. They mentioned the "Raiders of the Fallen Empire" title and the Mark Hamill/villain blurb. They said that both Ford and Connery had signed to do the picture, Ford charging $45 million for it.

: : : : We've heard it all before, but has anyone heard a price tag for Ford mentioned yet?

: : : : Thought you'd like to know,
: : : : Indy

: : : First I've heard of Ford asking $45 million. I knew he was on the $20 million list, but isn't 45 a tad pricey? I mean "Raider's" was released on a budget of 10 (limited by Spilberg's demand) , and that is by far the best of the series.

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: : It doesn't sound too unreasnable when you consider that Gibson
: : supposedly recieved 50 million plus profit share for lethal weapon 4.
: : Personally I don't believe movie and sports star make as much as
: : people say. I think it's just publicity.

: : Professor Moriarty
: :
: Oh, they make that much. But it isn't all profit, I don't think. Anyway, all I meant was that considering what he used to work for, and his supposed enthusiasm for the role (he'd do it again " a New York minute", his own words to Barbra Walters on a 20/20 interview) I'd think Spielberg could actually get him for less.

: ~The Raider

What in the Heavens is all this about Ford requesting forty-five million dollars for Indy IV? I'm sorry, but as much of an icon as Indy is, I seriously doubt his character is worth that much. Heck, it'll probably take anywhere from 50 to 100 million to make the movie without that phenomenol salary. And I'm not including the other cast and crew members' salaries. Twenty million (or maybe less) suits me just fine. This poses another question which I will post later.

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