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Posted by D.Borton from on September 14, 1998 at 22:20:44:

In Reply to: Re: Bull Whip posted by Dale Dassel on September 14, 1998 at 10:04:42:

: : Dale, basically I do the same thing with my whips. I hang them up, normally I hang them across a room so that they are not coiled up. Then I put a coat of (Pecard) leather dressing on them, let it set for the d time. Then wipe off any excess with a soft cloth. I only do this one or twice a year, or if its really necessary. Between those coats I also put on light dressings on the thong, especially near the point and fall more often. In those cases I just rub in a small amount into the leather, and let it sit. You probably know this already, but make sure the whip is fairly clean before putting any dressing on it. Especially with outdoor use the fall and point tend get really dirty. Also you don't need to dress leather plaited handles as much as the rest of the whip, as over time it can cause the plaiting to loosen up on you.

: : Dan

: Yeah, I know about not dressing the handle, except for very
: infrequently, because David Morgan told me. One question: David
: tells me that the whip can be washed in warm water to remove any
: dirt or grit that has found its way inside. I have always operated
: under the rule that water and leather is a big NO NO. And, therefore,
: have never washed it with water. I am also very hesitant to try this.
: So, have you ever done this with your bullwhip? If so, how did it
: turn out?

: -Dale

I figured you knew about the handle, I just wanted to mention it for others reading the note. As far as washing a whip in warm water. Normally it is not recommended. The only reason I might do it would be if I thought sand or bits of gravel had become imbedded in the braiding. Basically because overtime these abrasives can cause internal rubbing which can cause damage to the plaiting. If that is the case you can carefully wash the dirt out in warm mild soapy water then rinse it. Try not to soak the whip. Then let it dry properly and completely. Then give it a good heavy coat of grease or leather dressing. This is one rare case where washing is necessary, however this is not something you want to do often. For general cleaning you can use a high quality saddle soap or other good leather cleaner as long as it does not contain any salts or solvents. Also simply wiping it down with a soft cloth after use will also help keep it cleaner. I believe Mark Allen carries a good selection of leather cleaners.

Considering that these are made to be working whips, a little exposure to water should not hurt them as long as they are properly cared for afterwards. So far, I have not needed to wash out my Kangaroo whips. I have washed other Bullwhips though for various reasons, however after following the proper care procedures they come out fine. Hope this helps.


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