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Posted by Gary from on September 15, 1998 at 19:51:22:

In Reply to: Re: About that Disney posted by Michaelson on September 15, 1998 at 09:42:48:

: : I have been visiting this website fo almost a year now and it's very exciting to see all this enthusiasm regarding a favorite subject of mine. My wife is happy to see there are people as crazy if not crazier than me regarding collections! I was late in joining the Jones crowd because my head and money were trapped under the deck plates of the Millenium Falcon. It wasn't until L.C. that I realized Indy's jacket wasn't an A-2 bomber. Like others I became obsessed with aquiring one. Back in May 1989 the only way available was through the Lucasfilm Fan Club. Who knew of Wested then? In Issue #7 there was an editorial regarding collections. The "authorized" Jacket was produced by Cooper Sportswear made of "barrier cow distressed" leather. It cost $295.00 at that time. I ofcourse ordered one. After 13 weeks and two threatening letters to the fan club I received my jacket. For cow hide it was very soft. It came just in time for fall. Nine years later I still have that jacket. In 1995 I did see what Disney/MGM Studios was selling and believe me it's NOT the same quality as my jacket. It's darker, tougher and heavier not to mention more expensive! It looks like a completely different manufacturing run. I'm very happy about Wested selling the jacket in lampskin. Congrats and Good Luck to all who have bought one. For me I must wait. I have a three month old in daycare so my wife and I have no money for extras now. At least I have the old one! Regarding Indy's pants if your looking for an inexpensive cotton alternative Banana Republic sells a pair of pants(chinos) called the Smithfield. They have double pocket flaps and five or six colors. One of the browns is a good match. You'll just have to deal with a small black logo patch over the rear right pocket. They're also cuffed so get them in a longer inseam and alter them to fix it.They also have an 888 number to order a catalog or to locate a store:1-888-906-2800.Good fortune to all!

: Good morning. If the forum has accomplished anything, it has been to prove to spouses that there are others as "nuts" as you are, and I am in complete agreement with you as to the "other" service this forum has provided in that arena. Hang in there, and stay in touch. Regards. Michaelson

I went a similar rought as you only I have been looking for any type of Indy Jacket. I thought I had died and gon to heaven when I bought my Disney Jacket (They actualy had a XXL) and it cost $355.00 I have bought a lot of Leather jackets in between useually a bomber style but was never looked just right. I am happy with the Disney Jacket and it will make a good cold dry weather jacket. I was superised when I first found the Indy sites that told how to get the realthing and a hundred dollars cheeper. I ordered a Wested and now I know Mr. Ford could wear the jacket in the jungel, Desarts and under 10000 watts of lighting. while the Wested will get more use I am still happy with the Disney.
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